Kyza - The Experience LP [Pepa Records]

Having made his name as a member of Terra Firma, alongside Klashnekoff and Skribblah, laced tracks alongside the likes of Jehst, Tommy Evans, Yungun and Harry Love, popped up on numerous mixtapes and rocked shows the length and the breadth of the country, Kyza finally delivers his long awaited debut LP.

The Experience’ is a journey through the mind of the man known as Sayso, and Kyza isn’t afraid to touch on any topic, be it romance gone wrong (‘Bitter Sweet Love’), untrustworthy friends (‘Snakes & Blaggers’) or just straight up smut (‘Porno’). ‘The Experience’ is the first of a slew of TF releases expected in 2006 and it sets a high standard.

Kyza - The Experience LP [Pepa Records]
01. Intro
02. Fight Klub
03. Real (part 1)
04. Trouble
05. Porno
06. Born Loser
07. Bitter Sweet Love (feat diablo)
08. Snakes ‘n’ Blaggers
09. Sick
10. Hype is Real
11. Lucozade Bottles
12. D.O.A (feat Skriblah Dan-Gogh & The Hell Fire Club)
13. Real (Part 2 feat Triggz Vega & S.P.A.R.R.O.W)
14. Shoutro

The LP weighs in at 14 tracks and features productions from both emerging and established talent. North London’s D’Lux contributes 9 tracks between and stakes his claim to be ranked amongst the elite producers in the UK, while DJ Caramac (‘The Hype Is Real’, ‘Porno’), Chemo (‘Intro’, ‘Fight Klub’) and Touch Tone (‘Snakes ‘n’ Blaggers’) further solidify their reputations with beats that showcase three producers at the top of their game.

In an age where artists regularly swap cameos, vocal team ups are kept to a minimum on the LP. The reasoning behind this do-it-yourself ethic is that Kyza didn’t want to dilute ‘The Experience’ – The man they call Sayso wanted to make absolutely certain that the listener hears his story as he intended it to be heard. He explained, “I didn’t want a lot of collaborations or features because someone else can’t tell people about my life”.

Triggz Vega and Sparrow drop bars on ‘R.E.A.L (Remix)’ and Skribblah guests on ‘D.O.A’. This emphasises Kyza’s confidence, not only in himself but also in his work. ‘The Experience’ is highly anticipated everywhere from the streets of Ladbroke Grove to internet forums and Kyza is looking to capitalise on the buzz with his debut. The album, due September 2006 on Pepa Records looks set to join the pantheon of great British rap albums.

Kyza - The Experience LP [Pepa Records]

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