Late Presents Wreckless In Texas CD [Wolftown]

This is a mixtape series that what was founded back in 2001 by rapper / ceo / producer / magazine editor Late from Wolftown Recordings. Its aim? Simple, to expose underground talent to a wider audience. It’s all about supporting and promoting, keep pushing back the boundaries.

So here we get the first in a series of ‘concept’ mixtapes ‘Wreckless In Texas’ where Late has teamed up with the cream of the crop from the South as well as artists on his own Wolftown label that he runs with producer Tricksta. This is the first time this kind of release has been created and believe that this CD here will change the face of rap music in the UK. Others will imitate but remember this is the original.

Late Presents Wreckless In Texas CD [Wolftown]As Chamillionaire rightly says ‘There ain’t no DJ putting it down for the South in the UK like Late’. Listen and you will agree, as he goes through twenty-five well chosen tracks featuring CHAMILLIONAIRE, LIL FLIP, LIL JON, SLIM THUG, MIKE JONES, PAUL WALL, BUN B, Z-RO, DEVIN THE DUDE, ESG,TRAE, K RINO, HAWK, TOO SHORT, FAT PAT, C-NOTE from BOTANY BOYS, ABN, BIG SID, MAGNO, JOKAMAN, SOUTHERN BOI, DEEP, MZ TRINITY, GARCIA, TOP DOG, MAIMI MAC, DALLAS, LENNY LENN, BODAIGA, D.A., DRASTIK, BAIL, WINE-O, LATE, SIZE8, CONMAN, 10SHOTT, JAI BOO. It’s time to get wreckless…

The Tracks:

Chamillionaire is a former Swisha House member alongside Paul Wall, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Michael Watts and OG Ron C. This freestyle gets the mixtape off to an excellent start, building suspense from the intro. Chamillionaire has just dropped ‘The Sound Of Revenge’ on Universal Records which features production from Mannie Fresh (Cash Money Records) and Scott Storch (Fat Joe ‘Lean Back), and collaborations with Scarface, Lil Wayne and Bun B amongst others.

K-RINO – ‘Loaded’
Taken from K-Rino’s latest album ‘The Worst Rapper Alive’ on his own Black Book International imprint, this track showcases the lyrical legend that is K-Rino. A Houston rapper actively releasing music since 1983 and along with Scarface of the Geto Boys is a true pioneer of the Houston sound. He has also released albums with his crew The South Park Coalition whose members include Pointblank, Ganxsta N.I.P and Klondike Kat.


Hailing from Trinity Garden in the Northside of Houston, Mz. Trinity is one of Houston’s most talked about female rappers. Her current double-disc mixtape includes a chopped & screwed CD by DJ Slice (Mike Jones DJ). This collaboration features Mike Jones and Paul Wall, two of the biggest names in the US rap game selling millions of albums between them.

LATE (Feat. SIZE8 & CONMAN) – ‘Ups & Downs’
LATE is the hardest-working rapper in the UK and here he returns with another slice of grimy UK Hip-Hop slotting into a barrage of Southern bangers very nicely. Here we get to hear Size8 from Vicious Circle and Conman from Wolftown Committee also represent as well as that killer LATE hook over solid Tricksta production.

ESG – ‘Guerrilla Music’
Former Priority Records artist ESG is best known for his classic albums ‘Ocean Of Funk’ and ‘Sailin’ The South’ as well as recording an album with platinum selling artist Slim Thug. This track is a brand new track which just shows that ESG is still a force to be reckoned with. This track bangs from the off and will be featured on ESG’s new mixtape.

LIL FLIP – ‘Purple Sprite’
Sony Records artist and Screwed-Up Click member Lil Flip features here with a brand new freestyle. Lil Flip is know as ‘The Pride Of Texas’ and ‘The Freestyle King’ as is best known recently for his hit single ‘Sunshine’. He has his own label Clover G Records who signed New Orleans rappers Sqad Up. He has worked with artists as diverse as Three Six Mafia to Jim Jones (Dipset) and is a multi-platinum selling artist.

BIG SID (Feat. MAGNO) – ‘Straight Off The Porch’
At the age of nineteen Big Sid released his first CD ‘Southern Comfort’ which sold over 250,000 independently in the South. His track ‘Hold Up’ which features Big Moe is considered a classic. Here we get the energetic banger ‘Straight Of The Porch’ which features ex-Swisha House rapper Magno who has done tracks on Rap-A-Lot. Big Sid has also collaborated with the likes of Lil Flip, Paul Wall and Money Waters.

ABN (Feat. TRAE & Z-RO) – ‘In My City’
Trae and Z-Ro have been putting it down for the South for many years. As original members of The Screwed-Up Click, both rappers are doing extremely big things. Z-Ro is signed to Rap-Lot-Records and has released over twenty albums as well as working with the likes of Juvenile, Paul Wall , Ashanti , Trae, Lil’ Flip, Devin The Dude. Trae is just as prolific and his latest album is doing big things. This track is a true Houston classic.

GARCIA (Feat. BUN B from UGK) – ‘Weight Of The World’  
This violin led production sets the stage beautifully for Miami’s top underground rapper Garcia to unleash some science alongside the legendary Bun B from UGK. UGK are best known for the track ‘Big Pimpin’ which they featured on with top New York rapper Jay Z. Garcia has recently been seen on MTV on their Miami special as well as doing mixtapes with the likes of DJ Drama.

LATE (Feat. D.A & 10SHOTT) –‘Stay Serious’
Produced by Wolftown’s latest signing, Asian producer Juttla, this track is taken from LATE’s superb ‘Villainous One Mixtape’ which was placed number 8 in HHC’s Top Ten CD’s of 2005. The piano led groove features DA from Houston and 10Shott from Vicious Circle. LATE is one of the biggest MC’s in the UK and verses like this proves why.

JOKAMAN – ‘Feel Good’

Here comes a Houston rapper that is destined to be massive. Already tipped by people like DJ Vlad as the next to blow, Jokaman has just completed a mixtape with Sickamore, the DJ best known for doing Snoop’s ‘Welcome To The Church’ mixtape series. Jokaman shows why he is the next to blow with this banger which features Pimp C from UGK on the hook.

K-RINO (Feat. TRAE, DEVIN THE DUDE & TOP DOG) – ‘Signs Of Hate’
K Rino shows why he has held the spot as the ‘underground king’ for so many for over three decades with this heavy collaboration. Trae from ABN and Slab features as does Top Dog. Check the superb verse by the legendary Devin The Dude who features on Dr. Dre’s classic album ‘2001’.

LATE, MIAMI MAC & JAI BOO – ‘Who Ya F**kin With’ (Produced by TRICKSTA)
Here we see LATE team up with Miami Mac, a rapper that featured and sang on LATE’s classic ‘Cold World’ track from ‘The International Rhyme Spittin EP’ and ‘The Villainous One’ CD’s. Here we get another fat Tricksta produced beat and an excellent hook courtesy of the UK’s number one female rapper Jai Boo. This track is already massive with underground DJ’s both sides of the pond.

TRAE (Feat. DALLAS) – ‘I’ve Been Hustling’
This track is taken from the superb underground album ‘Same Thing Different Day’. It features Dallas on the hook and a superb uplifting beat. Trae proves here that without a doubt he’s not in the shadow of fellow Guerilla Maab member Z-Ro, in fact he is a solid solo artist in his own right. This track is one of the highlights of the CD.

MZ. TRINITY – ‘Mz. Trinity Freestyle’
Mz. Trinity gives up her second feature on this mixtape, this time it’s a solo freestyle over the famous ‘Still Tippin’ rhythm track made so famous by her fellow crew members Mike Jones, Paul Wall and Slim Thug. This will have you singing her name all day and night! Look out for Mz. Trinity in 2006.

Deep is a Punjabi rapper from Houston whose debut album has put him instantly on the Southern Rap map with collaborations with David Banner, Too Short, Big Moe and more. Here Wolftown producer Juttla turns up a superb UK Remix featuring LATE who represents hard alongside Deep, Lenny Lenn and Slim Thug. This remix also features on Juttla’s forthcoming underground mixtape album ‘Bass, Kicks. Snares, Spits’ due on Wolftown Spring 2006.

Here we get the title track from the mixtape. An infectiously deep and slow posse cut featuring LATE alongside some of the finest Houston underground rappers. Tricksta comes up with his most adventurous beat today, while LATE spits his bars of wisdom before Southern Boi, Drastik from Hometeam Records, Bail and Dat Boy Pollo all step up to rep’ it hard.

BODAIGA (Feat. LIL JON, BUN B from UGK & WINE-O) – ‘We Don’t Play Dat’
Originally from the Mid-West, Bodaiga moved to Houston to further his rap career. Here we get that true Atlanta sound with a beat made by the ‘King Of Crunk’ Lil Jon, who has worked with the likes of Usher, Too Short, Ice Cube, Ludacris, Snoop, Pharrell, Styles P, T.I and Fat Joe amongst others. This is the crunkest track on the mix.

This track is homage to late great Fat Pat and is a track that hasn’t represented to the Houston car culture since ESG’s classic ‘Swang & Bang’. Fat Pat’s brother Hawk drops a verse alongside Trae, while the hook chops up a classic line from the Houston hit ’25 Lighters’. This is middle-lane swerving!

DEEP (Feat. C-NOTE from BOTANY BOYS & TOO SHORT) – ‘Lac’s N Deuces’
Da1 Records CEO and recording artist Deep stands up with this slow funk-fuelled monster. Featuring S.U.C member C-Note from the infamous Botany Boys and West Coast porn-rap legend Too Short, this track has already caused a stir with awesome reviews in HHC and on-line at and

LATE (Feat. JAI BOO) – ‘On The Grind’

This track is the first ever track to be produced by Tricksta and LATE together, so you should expect big things! You won’t be disappointed as they draw for there influences by delivering a raga-tined beat with that certain something special. LATE kills it on both verses being superbly self reflective on his life while Jai Boo compliments him by delivering such a killer hook. LATE is always on the grind… so don’t worry you haven’t got long to wait until the next volume!

Artist: Late Presents Underground Exposure…
Title: “Wreckless In Texas”
Hosted By Chammillionaire
Label: Wolftown Recordings
Distributor: Alterted Ego Music
Cat. No: Wolfcd.005
Release Date: Mid April 2006

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