Late - The Villianous One - Miami Chaos Mix CD [Wolftown]

On this website Late and his villanous cohorts have have in the past received a fair amount of coverage. This is because they are hard working fellows and this is doubly demonstrated by their regular releases of new material, but also their regular mix CDs such Tricksta’s UK Running series and this one.
Late has once again returned to the mixtape market after his International Rhyme Spitting CD which linked up artists from all across the globe with this CD entitled The Villianous One.

Whilst the Wolftown collective have always been pushing at the boundaries and bringing new sounds, (they have never been scared to bring a sound module into the mix), I am not sure that I am totally feeling the direction that Late has taken this project down. No doubt the sounds are fresh and up to date, but for an old timer like me it is hard to get my head round things like grime, a style which I can’t immediately spot all the merit that is chatted about it. The same goes for Hip Hop from the durty South and that all started when I went off Arrested Development. Hard hitting New York style productions are what I feel and whilst I can dig a bit of Luda, it is hard to big up Lil John to any great extent.

Late - The Villianous One - Miami Chaos Mix CD [Wolftown]Here we get Late dropping his own unique vocal style over a number of instrumental tracks, so there is a great deal of original work about this release, rather than just some tunes mixed up. The into is simplistic and features Late giving us a spoken introduction which sounds a bit Westwoodised and I’m not sure whether this is partly a joke or serious. Late has tagged himself the International Rhyme Spitter and says that he is representing the world!! Big claims, and on the first track Late deinately does his bit to rep the UK.

Many of the Wolftown camp get on the mic with offerings from Lee Dee, Conman, Jai Boo and 10 Shott along with foreign hook ups including K-Rhino, Southern Affilliate and Kuwait and a chopped and screwed remix of Cold World to round off the CD from DJ Scream.

I can always feel what Late is communicating via his words and what he has to say about life on road and although I find his flow a bit simplistic I can still rate him for his efforts to be constructive. Speak The Truth is a bit too slow tempoed and this pace does tend to expose Late’s vocal failings.

This CD is to my mind mostly designed to be played loud and bumped in a situation where you can jump up and wiggle. There are 26 tracks listed, but that includes all the skits as well. No doubt there will be a lot of younger heads who will most definately be feeing this to the nth degree and Late has gone some way to opening my eyes to this genre, but at the end of the day I don’t think he has done enough to have me as a paid up fan eulogising about this set of joints.

So, a good looking work which will appeal to a specific audience and certainly fits a gap in the market on this side of the pond. Big up to Late and the big amount of work he puts in, but for the moment I need to hold on the Crunk Juice.

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