Lewis Parker - The Puzzle: Big Game LP [King Underground / World Of Dusty Vinyl]

Well, I guess your all familiar with Lewis Parker? If your not, Lewis Parker is no doubt one of the best UK producers, he also does his thing on the mic too. Now living in New York but originally from Canterbury, the UK producer started his Hip Hop career while still only a teenager and released "B Boy Antiks" and "Rise" through Trevor Jackson's Bite It! label. The EP and 12" featured some of the finest production to come out of the UK hiphop scene.

It took a long time for him to sign an album deal, eventually going with Massive Attack's Virgin imprint "Melankolic" where he released "Masquerades & Silhouettes" in 1998, which went on later to sell 10's of thousands of copies. Lewis Parker has recently dropped an album with rapper John Robinson called International Summers which was available on CD and LP with instrumentals on a limited cassette tape, however I think this is completely sold out now!

This is Lewis Parker's new project 'The Puzzle: The Big Game' that has been out for a year or so now via digital download but never surfaced in vinyl format, well it's almost here.

The UK hip hop legend Lewis Parker with his use of the classic SP-1200 and dusty vinyl, fully captures the trademark gritty, dirty sound of the 90's era that's so missed from the game right now. The Puzzle brings an energy, love and enthusiasm for the culture that isn’t felt in a lot of releases nowadays. The long awaited LP finally will drop on wax! Featuring: Steele (Smith N Wesson), Ace Lover, Tah Born and Dynas.

The vinyl is limited to 300 units only. If you buy this from King Underground the first twenty customers will receive a one off signed polaroid picture of Lewis Parker in the studio. Each record is hand numbered and comes with a free mp3 download as well.

Here's a couple of joints off the album, trust me this is some classic UK hip hop and features some nice US vocals to complete the project. To cap it all off the LP cover has some dope retro styling and really gives the impression that it is of its time.

For more info see here: http://www.kingunderground.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=3042

Lewis Parker - The Puzzle: Big Game LP [King Underground / World Of Dusty Vinyl]

Track List:

01. Introduction
02. The Big Game ft. Steele
03. International Takeover
04. Snakes & Ladders ft. Tah Born
05. Man Up! ft. Dynas
06. Heavy Action
07. L Plays It Cool
08. Dirty Money
09. The BIG Gamble
10. Say It's Just A Game ft. Ace Lover
11. It's all a Game
12. A Deadly Game

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