Life Realities Of Life LP [Zebra Traffic]

Life has just so many words in him it is unbelievable. As he goes on he just seems to have the desire to spit more. He must have developed his throat and lungs to super human proportions and have special synaptic connections in his brain to enable endless freestyling. He is like some kind of rhyming robot.   

Not content with dropping four? LPs with Si Philli as part of Phi Life Cypher, a group in its self that is not renowned for its under use of words, he has also dropped two solo LPs and this one Realities Of Life is his sophomore effort.

Life Realities Of Life LP [Zebra Traffic]

01. Alpha
02. Hush Now ft. Pet
03. Holding You
04. Domestic Violence
05. Cracklife
06. Cold War
07. War And Poverty
08. I Stand Alone
09. Mr. Danger
10. Interlude
11. Come On
12. I Really Care
13. Corrupted Love
14. Rebel Soul
15. PWRS
16. You Know Who
17. What Our Estates Have Become
18. Bush And Blair
19. Omega

This LP sees life develop as an MC who has in the past been known as a freestyler ready to eat up challengers, but as we saw with tracks like Moviedrome he can also take a concept and flip it to ridiculous lengths. This LP is on a more realistic / observational level and in Life’s style the topics are explored in an intelligent manner and articulated clearly using his mammoth vocabulary. Life is most definitely a lyricist.

Tracks like Mr Danger, Come On and Rebel Soul are the only real battle tracks, whereas tracks like Corrupted Love explore the dark topic of paedophilia. Hush Now and I Stand Alone feature the smooth vocal tones of Pet and cover the tragic consequences that can lead to people being isolated and depressed and even held outside of society. Thought provoking stuff.

The previously released Bush and Blair is the penultimate track. At the time this was apparently deemed too close to the knuckle and was removed from some radio stations play lists. A ridiculous state of affairs, but again an important track which drops a great deal of knowledge on the Iraq war situation. He we get the remix, but the vibe is the same.

Nappa and DJ Mr Thing provide the production and both are renowned for their unrivalled beat making capacity. Here they do not disappoint and produce some cracking beats for Life to bless.

Overall this LP is quality, but perhaps all on one level in the sense that it is all intense and relentless, but one must admire Life for his sheer body of work and his determination to stay true to his beliefs and try to do his best to get the message over. Choose Life.

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