Lifescarz - Rise Of The General CD [UK Runnings]

Northampton based rapper and producer Lifescarz M.I.C Terror is a name you need to get used to and has already been tipped as one of the main UK artists you need to look out for in 2012. His new mixtape "Rise Of The General" is hosted by Tricksta from the legendary UK Runnings mixtape series and features some killer features from the likes of Farma G from Taskforce, Malik from Moorish Delta 7, Ill Murk, Caesar, Council Kids and many more and well as some tough production from Gemini Beat Exporterz and  Lifescarz himself.

Lifescarz is a well rounded artist, with a strong passion for music and the Hip-Hop culture and his lyrics are approached with precision. This is real rap with hard hitting beats and is Hip-Hop to proud of. He has already featured on a string of commendable mixtapes including 'Digital Revolution' hosted by Skriblah from Terra Firma and 'Global Status' hosted by Papoose. With a good understanding of music and the Hip-Hop culture Lifescarz is no joke, with future releases already being planned and created.

"If you dont understand were my artist name Lifescarz evolved from I can fully explain it in one short sentence. From every wound there is a scar, and every scar tells a story. A story that says, I survived", Lifescarz M.I.C.Terror.

UK Runnings Presents Lifescarz – Rise Of The General (Hosted by Tricksta)

01. Rise Of The General Intro
02. The Generals Come Back (Prod. by Gemini Beat Exporterz)
03. Back Up In Ya Endz
04. Dirtyboy Musick
05. Beast From The East
06. Paint Brushes The Paper With Pain
07. Prisoners Of The Mind
08. Black On Black
09. A Very Ancient War Feat The Council Kids (Prod. by Life Scarz Dirtboy Musick)
10. A Life Thats Controlled Feat. Farma G (Prod. by Life Scarz Dirtboy Musick)
11. Life Scarz
12. Millz Burial Reply 1
13. Selling Lies To Me
14. Waiting Feat Malik MD7 (Prod. by Gemini)
15. Intermission (Prod. by Life Scarz Dirtboy Musick)
16. By Your Side Feat. Robot
17. In My Room Feat. Ceasar
18. Pouring Rain Feat. Ill Murk & Dizmackintosh (Prod. by Life Scarz Dirtboy Musick)
19. 3.00AM
20. 3 Caskets
21. Hatersville
22. The Boxer (Dedication to my brother)
23. Broken Britain Feat. Ceasar & Creapz
24. Deep Into The Night (Prod. by Life Scarz Dirtboy Musick)
25. The Tunnel Feat. Trupes from Bad Breed
26. Fresh 4 '93
27. Yours Is A House Of Desolation (Prod. by Life Scarz Dirtboy Musick)
28. The Warriors Outro
29. Tricksta's Outro

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