Lil Wayne & DJ Drama - Dedication and Dedication 2 mix tapes [BCD Music Group]

In resent months much of Wayne’s hype has been fuelled by the antics of his personal life; detracting from his real capabilities. But in the way only he can, he kept it moving and teamed up with DJ Drama to unleash ‘Dedication' and 'Dedication 2’- Gangsta Grillz.

Most noticeable for his vignette appearance on Destiny Child’s single ‘Soldier’ and more recently on his no.1 hit ‘Lollipop’, Wayne has been propelled to new heights. The mix tapes boast collaborations with some of the hottest names in the game – Freeway, Julez Santana and Remy Ma.

‘Dedication’ is a 2CD release with the added bonus second CD being chopped and screwed by none other than Mr Grillz himself – Paul Wall.

Lil Wayne & DJ Drama - Dedication and Dedication 2 mix tapes [BCD Music Group]‘Dedication’ and ‘Dedication 2’ showcase the skills of the infamous mix tape legend DJ Drama – who is an associate of the self proclaimed ‘King of the South’ -‘T.I.’.

As suspected he does not disappoint and spits bars in his own unique way. Wayne rides any rhythm thrown at him and goes at it hard; but too much of Wheezy F Baby is bad for you, as his voice becomes monotonous and you know exactly what you are going to get before you start listening – Please save the baby!!! It’s not a bad effort if you don’t mind listening to the tales of his eccentric lifestyle, but it was definitely made to generate $$$$. There is truly no substance in what is being said and Wayne himself admits to not knowing what he is talking about, “If you don’t know what I said – rewind the track” and then alluded to being high.

On a lighter note his long anticipated album ‘Carter III’ – which should have been released in 2007, was released on 10th June with ‘Dedication’ 1&2 acting as the official pre-curser to this album. There has also been talk of Dedication 3, but in the form of an album so watch this space.

By: Jemma Capleton

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