Lloyd Banks - Hunger For More 2 LP [G-Unit]

For almost a decade Southside Queens native, Lloyd Banks, has been revered as line-for-line one of the most preeminent emcees in hip-hop. Banks aka The Punch Line King returns with H.F.M. 2 (Hunger For More 2), a sequel to his 2004 classic debut.

The original Hunger For More came on the wave of the unprecedented amount of success G-Unit basked in during their initial run at the start of the decade. Just like in 2004 when Banks milked the buzz from those projects and his nod as Justos Mixtape Awards Mixtape Artist of the Year, Banks began receiving the same kind of heat last year. Banks started his Five and Better mixtape series which included last December's V5 – where he took the back his crown in the streets. On V5, Banks let off a relentless barrage of music to the fans unleashing a witty freestyle and a myriad of songs that were strictly for the underground.

One record, however, Banks held back. It was so big he had to save it for his album. The song was the fuse to ignite his epic next work. That record was Beamer, Benz, or Bentley ft. Juelz Santana. Without the backing of a major label and fueled strictly by the requests of the fans and the foresight of program directors and DJs, Beamer, Benz, or Bentley exploded organically, selling gold and becoming the most heralded street / club anthem of the year.

Banks says, "[That record] had such an impact on me personally, it took me right back to 2003, when I first came in the game. Mind you, I felt brand new, like I was being overlooked at the time. Going through that period of people not knowing what was up with me, hearing I was dropped from Interscope, which I wasn't. Beamer, Benz was my wake up call. I never gave up on myself. But that was the one that got the public to go alright. I decided to call the album H.F.M. 2 because I wanted to remind them of what I can deliver as a complete body of work".

Hunger 2's second single, Any Girl, featuring R&B vet Lloyd, is the party anthem for the ladies. He has a record called Father Time where he reveals, "It's speaking on, me knowing what I want to do. What I'm capable of doing and how much time I have to actually do it. It shows that I am never content. The wordplay! I really went crazy on the joint".

Production on the LP includes a gaggle of newcomers like Nick Speed and established titans the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and the global icon, Kanye West. Besides 50 Cent and Tony Yayo, Banks corralled guest spots from Eminem, Akon, Pusha T (from The Clipse), Raekwon The Chef and Styles P.

H.F.M. 2 will solidify Lloyd Banks stature as one of hip-hop musics top MCs. Banks has had plenty of time to build up his appetite. He performs over 250 shows a year around the world with The G-Unit and on his own solo treks. Just this past September, Banks and The Unit performed at the mega concerts known as Home and Home where Jay-Z and Eminem co-headlined four shows, two at Detroit's Comerica Park and two at New Yorks Yankee Stadium.

Banks' touring schedule has only allowed him to release three albums in the past six years, a pace he promised he will increase rapidly. In 2011, Banks says he will make his foray into acting and drop his fourth solo LP.

Release Date: 24th January 2011

Lloyd Banks - Hunger For More 2 LP [G-Unit]

Track List:

01. Take 'Em To War ft. Tony Yayo prod. Cardiak 3:29
02. Unexplainable ft. Styles P prod. Cardiak 4:12
03. Payback (P's and Q's) ft. 50 Cent prod. Grandz Muzik; Bliz Money (co) 4:12
04. Home Sweet Home ft. Pusha T prod. Nick Speed 3:59
05. Beamer, Benz, or Bentley ft. Juelz Santana prod. Prime 3:28
06. So Forgetful ft. Ryan Leslie prod. Ryan Leslie 3:59
07. Father Time ft. Greg “G’Sparkz” Ford prod. Jr. 3:25
08. Start It Up ft. Swizz Beatz, Kanye West, Ryan Leslie and Fabolous prod. Cardiak 4:49
09. Celebrity ft. Akon prod. Dirk Pate 3:29
10. On The Double prod. The WatcherZ 2:49
11. Any Girl ft. Lloyd prod. Dready 3:31
12. I Don't Deserve You ft. Jeremih prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League 3:52
13. Sooner Or Later (Die 1 Day) ft. Raekwon prod. Frank Dukes 3:31
FYE bonus tracks
14. This Is the Life prod. Young Seph; Cardiak (co) 3:13
15. Stuntin' prod. Swizz Beatz 3:00
iTunes bonus tracks
16. Kill It ft. Governor prod. Lab Ox; Vikaden (co) 3:21
17. Where I'm At ft. Eminem prod. Boi-1da; Eminem(co) 5:18

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