M9 - 144,000 LP [Dark Matter Records / Kilamanjaro]

144,000’ is dark, so if you don’t like dark Hip Hop shove off. Or you could stay, read and give it a chance. ‘Anthema’, the album by M9’s group Triple Darkness, came at a time when I wasn’t feeling rap’s more gloomy side. It changed my perspective and this album cements my new perspective in place.

Over the last month, with the varying strains of UK Hip Hop pouring through my letter box, I’ve begun to marvel at the variety in our scene and I’ve begun to enjoy the diversity. It’s good to be able to go to one album for one vibe and to the next for another. My mind is open, is yours?

Sonically ‘144,000’ is in much the same mould as ‘Anathema’; it’s almost a second Triple Darkness album as Cyrus Malachi and Nasheron feature heavily throughout. On the whole the output isn’t as focussed as their group effort, perhaps due to the swollen track list and lack of departure from their status quo.

The album still has its engaging moments though and if you’re into lyric dissection you’ll have a field day here. M9, apparently a follower of nuwaupian teachings, is heavily influenced by what you and I would consider to be strange ideas, and often leaves the listener in the dark rendering some lines devoid of meaning. Where M9 applies his understanding to society things do become clearer.

The production, provided again by Chemo, Beat Butcha and this time Jon Phonics, is focussed and appropriately synergetic. Expect the dustiest loops of murky soul, jazz and film soundtracks.

If you haven’t already, picked up ‘Anathema’, school yourself, if you like that buy this when it drops on November 10th on Dark Matter Records / Kilamanjaro. It’s being distributed by Dented and will be available at your usual UK Hip Hop go to shop.

By: Aidan Severs | http://certifiedbanger.blogspot.com

M9 - 144,000 LP [Dark Matter Records / Kilamanjaro]

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