Mike Faceless - Heir To The Throne LP [Faceless Entertainment / Gutterbomb Records]

Lyrically in the ranks of Jay Z, Nas, Eminem, Atmosphere, and Mos Def, Mike Faceless has made his mark in the underground. From Free styling on street corners in VA beach and Southern Cali to performing with the likes of The Pharcyde and Dilated Peoples, Face is known to be a contender in the hip hop world.

His Charisma is matched by few live or in the studio and his heart is indeed truly dedicated to music. Mike Faceless is also an accomplished producer, writing tracks for his group project Pocket Change and working on putting together his own production company. He has just released his album, “Heir To The Throne“.

The album as a whole includes skilled precision, witty lyricism, nice production, nicely constructed beats and you can sense the work that went into this album. The Track “The Coming” has a real nice beat and melody and the lyricism blew me away. It was fast, precise and witty. The beat is not too complex but it works well and this is going to be a definite club banger and works as an introduction to the album. Setting up the listener to expect more of this lyricism and tight production.

I’ve known Faceless for a while now and I know that all of his work is on point. Sometimes, the beat may be a little off-key but, the lyricism always makes up for it and he puts his all into every single project that he works on.

Track 3, “If You Don’t Know” is an explanation of who Faceless is. Faceless describes who he is and the way he rhymes. The track isn’t aggressive it just emphasises the point that most Underground artists don’t get the recognition that they deserve, which is true with Faceless. Some of the lyrics are a little juvenile I have to be honest but this was a very small part of the track when Faceless talks about being “Cuter than Jigglypuff”.

The beat is simple, which is good as some artists use a complex beat to cover-up the fact that they cannot rhyme well. So, by using this simple beat it allows the listener to actually take-in what Faceless is saying and helps to appreciate the “Swagger” of the artist.

Track 5, “Say My Name” has a really nice beat, has a catchy hook consisting of “Say My Name/ Say My Name/ Say My Name”. The way Faceless rhymes shows that as an Underground rapper, he wants recognition; he’s been working hard and wants people to take notice of him. This theme is apparent throughout the whole album and it’s plausible. Faceless rhymes with passion and I have to say this is one of my favourite tracks of the album just because of the sheer work that’s gone into it.

One line in particular that I like is, “Call me the David Beckham of rap” I’m not sure if you want to compare yourself to David Beckham as he’s not the greatest of footballers. (Just a little note for you Mike!) But, I understand the concept. The track is well produced and the beat is a little bit more complex than the beats used in previous tracks.

Fire And Ice” is an amazing track and tries something buy using an electric guitar as the main focus of the beat, teamed with some fast-paced drums and a fast-paced rhyming style. This track stands out for the sheer fact that it is something new which works extremely well. Faceless again sounds as though rhyming comes natural to him and as if no effort is needed and he sounds relaxed.

The title track “Heir To The Throne” is well-constructed, Faceless’s lyricism is nice and relaxed. But, I was expecting more with this track. I was expecting a much more complex and sinister sounding beat, the beat was simple and I’m not too sure if it really pulled the track together. I feel like Faceless could have had a more complex beat which would have definitely made this track a lot more enjoyable.

One track that stood out to me due to Faceless’s lyricism and the beat being complex and making this track very enjoyable was, track 12 “I Remember” the track is very well produced and put-together and stood out as one of the best tracks on the album.

“Heir To The Throne” is a very well produced album teamed with an extremely talented Hip-Hop artist. The lyricism is relaxed and is clear, Faceless doesn’t sound like he’s trying and that emphasises the fact that Faceless has a raw talent and could well be one of those names you hear a lot in the future.

The HipHopInformant endorses Faceless to the fullest and enjoyed the album A LOT! GO COP IT NOW!

The album will be released on ITUNES and CDbaby. People can listen to a preview and order physical copies from www.mikefaceless.com or www.myspace.com/mikefaceless.

By: Nikhil Sharma | http://hiphopinformant.blogspot.com

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