Milky releases debut album under the wings of We Are Not Saints – each song is a journey through the struggles of his life, confronting demons and coming out the other side.

Brighton based rap artist Milky is joining forces with We Are Not Saints to release his debut album ‘The Milky Way‘. We Are Not Saints is a non-profit record label and live music company that solely works with musicians in recovery from alcoholism and addiction. A recovering addict himself – Milky’s progression as a musician was hindered by his addiction, but since his sobriety, this hindrance has transformed into a perpetual fuel that has not only ignited his passion for music but has allowed him to complete a debut album that encapsulated the highs and lows of his life to date.

With his debut album, Milky has been upfront and honest and takes us on a journey downstream showing us each point of interest in his life like a carefully drawn map, this cartographer shows us every detail of the struggles he’s faced ranging from his addiction, the passing of his mother and contemplating suicide. The journey is a struggle, but one that needs to be heard, with each turn he makes in the path of his life he doesn’t let up and it’s refreshing to hear him vocalize that in a way we have not heard since Eminem’s albums ‘Relapse’ and ‘Recovery’ – the topics of addiction, suicide, and bad mental health are not in any way new but you can tell Milky has used these struggles and converted them into a highly polished and attune way.

The diversity in Milky’s music is prevalent from tracks like ‘Madness‘ having an upbeat jazz-esque melody that simultaneously lifts your soul but also provokes your thoughts when you delve deeper into the bars. Skip forward two tracks and you have ‘Razor Blades‘ – with his soul-stirring bars being entwined with melancholic piano keys. The influences in The Milky Way are many but the direction is the same leading to a gold medal finish.


My influences have been the beats and my emotions are the flow. Every artist I have listened to has influenced my flow, writing, and made me think outside the box. Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to be a rapper and nothing else. Most of the stories behind my songs come from my experiences through life, just the way my dad was and everything I’ve ever experienced. So, like, trying to paint a picture but through an album, from losing my mum, then dad, addiction, rehab and even my dog Dollar.


His connection to the label We Are Not Saints has proven to be another type of therapy alongside writing music in general, with their support and encouragement they’ve helped Milky who’s been writing bars since he was thirteen put together an album full of superlative production styles and Milky’s range in rapping shows he is clearly at home, and he is ready for more.

Working with We Are Not Saints is like being in a family and we’ve was bonded quite quickly, the balls have been moving so fast with my recovery becoming stronger as well. If I didn’t know the guys at We Are Not Saints I don’t know where I’d be, probably floating around Brighton, not doing recovery properly, I’d be a bit lost. It was destined to happen; my confidence is boosting with every gig and everything we do.


With future releases already in the pipeline and shows to be announced Milky is taking the next step in his journey. But for now, we can remain in The Milky Way, it’s a reminder that music can be a therapy in whatever situation you are, and that people are not alone, especially in the fleeting pace of the modern day.

‘The Milky Way’ is out now on all major platforms.

Milky - The Milky Way

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