Misfit+Ernst - No Rhyme No Reason LP [Independent]

We are proud to get behind the release of Misfit + Ernst's 'No Rhyme No Reason' currently available as of Tuesday 1st February as a FREE 'name your price' download over on Bandcamp.

This is an internet link up between a beat producer called Ernst living in Holland and a rapper called Misfit based in Washington State, USA who have never actually met in person. In our opinion, the results of this three year project are pretty outstanding.

The beats are laid back and jazzy with flutes, Hammond and Fender keys and double basses creating a classic sound that is so sorely lacking in much of what I hear these days. No scratching, but well produced with tastefully chosen and well mixed samples and fat drums.

Turning his back on bragadacio Misfit chooses more introspective and progressive lyrics and ably drops his musings in perfect timing with the beats. Some of the songs have an urgent harder edge, but a musical mellowness pervades the album.

Around 2007 Ernst found the Myspace page of Misfit. Intrigued by his voice and natural ability to flow, he decided to ‘add’ him. Not long after, Misfit sent through a message with props and a request for a beat. Ernst thought to himself “what the hell, why not, it’s a long shot but it’s worth trying!”

Less than a week passed after Ernst had emailed over a beat. He routinely checked his mailbox to find vocals and a mixed down track of Misfit’s sitting there waiting for him. After that, it only felt right for both of them to keep on corresponding and making tracks together.

After three years of making tracks their first album is here! “No Rhyme No Reason”. From different worlds but on the same block.

Download your copy:

Track List:

01. Underground Roots 04:04
02. Beautifull Sunshine 03:08
03. Sync 04:05
04. Let's Break 02:48
05. Time 04:26
06. No Rhyme No Reason 03:22
07. JOY 02:15
08. Saying Goodbye For The First Time 03:20
09. The Beat Told Me 03:35
10. Slap It Down 02:32
11. You Don't 03:05
12. Gargamel 02:30
13. GREED 02:27
14. Keep Me Up 01:58

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