Mr Lif - I Heard It Today LP [Bloodbot Tactical Enterprises]

Never has an album been so timely. Success and longevity have a weird way of putting out the “fire” that pushes artists to create music in the first place. With over ten years in the game and countless singles, EP’s, and full length albums it would be easy to assume Mr. Lif has run his course. One listen to I Heard It Today should quell any doubts that Lif is as vital as ever.

Mr. Lif’s albums have always had their finger on the pulse of America but I Heard It Today is his coup de gras. Boldly holding a mirror to the face of society, Lif has blended veteran producers such as Edan and J Zone with up and coming producers Willie Evans Jr., Batsauce, Therapy and Headnodic to create an album that speaks brazenly about the current political issues and agendas Americans and the global community are facing: fear, paranoia, and angst as the U.S. economy collapsed and the bailout bill passed, self hatred in the black community, and the housing crisis are just a few of the topics touched on through I Heard It Today.

Lif takes these negatives and turns them on their head, using them in search of a healthier way of life and a way to achieve freedom and peace of mind through the power of the imagination. In a true “change starts with you” move, Lif is self-releasing the album on his new Bloodbot Tactical Enterprises label.

Mr. Lif

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts Lif broke out with his Enters The Colossus EP (Def Jux 2000), establishing him as one of the most ambitious and forward-thinking emcees in the game. He further cemented this status with a string of acclaimed releases including the Emergency Rations EP, his Perceptionists project with MC Akrobatik, and the I Phantom and Mo' Mega albums.

While touring to support Mo' Mega, Lif's tour bus driver fell asleep at the wheel, causing the bus to swerve off the road and drop 40 feet into a boulder laden ravine. Lif claims, "The injuries I sustained that night and the adversity I've faced in the years following have increased my strength immeasurably". I Heard It Today reflects this increased strength, displaying a determination, focus, and conviction destined to shine in these tumultuous times.

Release Date: May 18th 2009

Mr Lif - I Heard It Today LP [Bloodbot Tactical Enterprises]

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