Multiple Skillz - Chocolate And Coffee LP [Indie]

South East London recording artist Multiple Skillz impressed the Hip-Hop industry recently with his superb “Epiphany Of Greatness” hosted by DJ Cage. With a bunch of superb reviews and feedback from his last release under his belt, he now drops ‘Chocolate And Coffee‘ his brand new twenty one track release. Multiple Skillz is ‘Multiply Skilled’ and is a rapper, a songwriter, a producer, an engineer and even a DJ!

Multiple Skillz as a lackadasical flow and his diction clearly enunciates an often deep stream of lyrical conciousness. Speaking on topics such as his family situation he reminds the lister of other stellar acts such as Micall Parknsun. Its been reported he has a divine love for music as an expressive art and his music confirms this. With these reputed abilities and attitude towards his future intentions it is apparent this young male’s boundaries are unboundable, and this release will be more suited for an open minded listener but, does reach out to all audiences.

The release makes liberal use of featured acts including the likes of Diz Danger, Big Man Zest, Danger, Speedy, Hollie Kelly, Jammy Montana, Merkz Mula, there is too many to list here. Multiple Skillz is to produce to a high standard and as well as delivering the lyrical bullets there are other strings to Multiple Skillz’s bow such as being a barber, so his moniker is manifest. Multiple Skillz is back and back with a boom!

Track List:

01. Intro
02. This Is It
03. Than You
04. Attracted (ft. Diz Danger)
05. Do Your Thing
06. Undercover (ft. Big Man Zest)
07. Wanna Leave (ft. Diz Danger)
08. Certified Gangster Love (ft. Hollie Kelly)
09. Gonna Get (ft. Danger)
10. Bedroom War (ft. Speedy)
11. Motivation Remix (ft. Jammy Montana)
12. Moving On (ft. Merkz Mula)
13. Aston Martin Music (ft. Science)
14. My Mama (ft. Science, Della Dread)
15. Courage Of A Woman (ft. Abbey Music Power)
16. Desire (ft. Shelina)
17. Fire Scope
18. With Me
19. Give You Pleasure (ft. K Lee Roy and Startah)
20. Eternally
21. What I See

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