Muz - The DEAD Wait

Wakefield, UK based emcee Muz aka Mury P / Mury Poppinz recently released his new self-produced, debut eleven-track album The DEAD Wait. Muz has spent over twenty five years honing his skills, perfecting his craft, and evolving his sound.

A former WY and DTTS (Don’t Talk To Strangers) member and one half of No Pretense, he’s worked alongside heavyweights such as Prince Po, Cage, Junior Disprol, Brutal Artistry, Chief Wigz, Kemetstry, plus many more.

‘The DEAD Wait’ is a narrative of personal truths, unmasked, unashamed, and unsettling, spat out over a haunting post-apocalyptic soundscape. This fully self-produced, debut album is a foreboding and intoxicating journey touching on subject matter rarely tackled from artists within the Hip Hop community seeing Muz unmask and bear all.

Over a year in the making, fully self produced, written, recorded, designed and presented by Muz, this is a piece of history in the making, focusing on the present day and the very near future.

The DEAD Wait is available now Digitally with CDs and Cassettes available via Bandcamp from PhatmineMUZik.

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