Mystro - Mystrogen Deluxe LP [Don't Bizznizz Ent.]

Following on from the success and much talked about reception of the highly anticipated debut LP ‘Mystrogen‘ from one of UK’s most prolific entertainers amongst the Hip-Hop elite, Mystro aka MysDiggi returns with the ‘Mystrogen Deluxe‘ LP a bumper-pack filled with more of his unquestionable creativity.

The charisma and unmatched wit continues to churn out of one of UK’s finest as we start off this remastered version of the LP with the ‘What Type Of Drug Is Mystrogen?‘ EP, from tracks 1-9 broken up by the humourous revisit to FDT radio as Mystro is quizzed about the release and his carreer among other things.

Whilst we hear tunes such as the neo-funk driven ‘Find Ya Groove‘ produced by Black Einstein and featuring Maya Blu which help us understand that this journey of life is just fine once we find the path that we’re comfortable on. Tracks such as the Mark de Clive-Lowe produced ‘Lamb’s Bread‘ and ‘Charlie‘ with a backdrop tailored by DJ Thor prove yet again why MysDiggi is on another planet when it comes to manipulating the English language and his versatile usage of wordplay. All this gets you ready fro the musical journey that is ‘Mystrogen‘… “It’s like oxygen except you’ll need it a whole lot more…”.

Most drugs are mind altering to some extent… Mystrogen is no different, this is exercised strongly with high-energy tracks like ‘That Rush‘ where a rollercoaster of face scrunching Si Spex production collides with brow raising wordplay and social commentary, the rough yet smooth approach of ‘Hooked‘ a metaphorical story of a mans wishes to bring all his vices together or the Homeboy Sandman featured ‘What I Want‘ where two men break down their ideal lady.

The idea is that you take this drug Mystrogen through the ear canal and enjoy this new journey and with humorous stories like ‘Neighbours‘ and the very cleverly written geographical urban folk tale ‘Mystentatious‘ confirming why most address him as “a rappers rapper”. Also exclusive to this release are the Charlie Mac produced ‘The Doo Doo‘ featuring fresh up and comer More One and a remix to ‘Neighbours‘ featuring Dirty Dike (High Focus) and long time collaborator Ramson Badbonez (Task Force / High Focus) and Mys’ alter-ego Dave The Spade. More than you bargained for Mutha Luvaz…

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