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Wednesday, 20 November 2019
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Narcissus - He's Fucking My Girl CD [Demo]
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Tuesday, 21 March 2006
Narcissus - He's Fucking My Girl CD [Demo]Narcissus was born in '87, was raised in Reading, and as he puts it, 'shit happens, dropped out of school at 15 years old, started writin rhymes'. When we asked him he continued that he, 'left college under unfortunate circumstances, was a bum, worked on music' and so on.

His recent plan has been getting this music to radio stations and using thier feedback. When asked what his is dong now he responded, 'I'm now workin on site whilst persuing the music "career". Jugglin the two'. As a closing statement he said, 'check out my demo; He's Fuckin My Girl'.

So Narcissus has dropped his 14 track demo which is entitled He's Fucking My Girl. The CD gets going with A Game Of Two Halves which with its electronically realised composition isn't really pressing the right buttons for me as it is more of a slowed down dance track and Narcissus' lyrics aren't really delivered with the suaveness or flow that is expected these days. This more talkative style is reminiscent of older tracks. Never the less the topic matter is original exploring the execution and aftermath of a violent attack at a football match.

01. A Game Of Two Halves
02. Spare Change
03. Goin' Down
04. Its All About Blowing Up
05. The Strangle
06. Danger
07. Underneath My Skin
08. Tales From The Shit Keeper
09. Who's Next
10. The Success Story
11. That Piece Of Mind
12. The Outsiders Edge
13. Mein Fuhrer
14. Stray Dogs / Love The Music
Spare Change flips up the programme with a very advanced beat which is much more to my liking partly because of the randomness. The chorus needs developing, but the verses impress. As you might expect the lyrics touch on what it is like trying to get a job and fit into society when you have nothing.

Goin' Down again changes the vibe with more of a soppy backing with gently drawn strings over which Narcissus lets loose with his raps about a girl that knows and how he can't see why this girl is with a man he despises. Turns out that the girl is real young and the bloke he is taking of appears to be a nonce and really the song is an educational tale along similar lines to the old Stranger Danger campaigns.

Its All About Blowing Up is potentially a bit of a banger. Opening with a Neptunesesque sparse beat and some nice singing the pace is raised for the verses. Narcissus steps up his flow for an occasional double pased spit which shows that whilst he can produce a variety of beats he can also rap a few different ways as well. Production is minimal, but the addition of an acid type bass line and high chords is really all that is required.

Unfortunately The Strangle is a bit of a disappointment. The beat is a bit clubby, but is all over the place and on this Narcissus sounds real young and doesn't scan all his lines. I'm thinking this was recorded quite a while ago and obviously suffers because of this. Danger, brings things back on line again with another experimental beat, and I guess some hit and some miss. This one hits. Narcissus has some issues he needs to express and this is another deep topic of abuse, but Narcissus needs to work on his delivery a bit to increase his believability and authority to speak on these subjects.

Underneath My Skin has another bit of a disastrous clubby / housey beat, subject matter is everyday life and how nothing happens at his workplace. On what is a bit of a patchy offering tracks which offer potential include Tales From The Shit Keeper and a couple of the short snippets shoe horned into the last track.

Narcissus - He's Fucking My Girl CD [Demo]

Whereas of the remaining tracks Who's Next is on the Hip House verge and the rest didn't really grab me. Obviously this guy has talent, but I am not totally won over by his raps and some of the production is not up my street.

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