Nity Gritz - Hell Awaits LP

Nity Gritz is an Underground Rapper / Producer from Paisley, Scotland. Presenting his new fifteen track album Hell Awaits which is a showcase for his bold and unapologetic style and delivery. A veteran of Hip Hop in Scotland, Nity has battled up and down the country, and gigged all over the place.

All beats are produced by Nity too, This is a relatively new addition to his arsenal but he’s fallen in love with the artform. He likes an gritty electronic sounding based production with a variety of backing tracks and samples across funk and computer games, which allow for his multiple styles and different flows to be exposed.

Hell Awaits was produced, written and recorded in sixteen days, After his son Zak passed away he found himself questioning his own faith a lot and this album was the outcome. Knowing this background the last two tracks are particularly heartfelt and emotional. Deep.

Nity Gritz - Hell Awaits LP

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