Nutty NRG (!ronic & Gizla) Who are they? Who are you talking about I hear you say! This dynamic duo comprises of two young men from South West London. They are taking the internet by storm, drawing thousands fans from as far Nigeria, America, Japan and India and hypnotising them with their TRUE STORIES.

Two rare Gems in the British hip-hop scene, they have educated themselves to a higher level and have turned their passion into a business by creating their own independent record label, website and studio. What is so refreshing about these two young men is their whole attitude to life and positive messages that they want to spread both personally and professionally.

Their album Diary’s Of A City Life is a blend of hip hop and reggae. It is primarily concerned with the making of good music and life circumstances rather than hate related crap that we are so use to hearing.

!RONIC 23 and GIZLA 26 are the founding fathers of Nutty NRG.

You could say that they are pioneers of their generation, now moving towards the next level of success. I can say that the future is bright for this pair!! Already playing venues up and down London they are ever extending their fan base.

I can safely say that their music is something that you could listen to without getting annoyed as it’s not the same old bull shit!!!

There beats are grimy and heavy just how I like them; I’m feeling the beats behind their track Mighty which has the potential to be big and the track Sunday for lyrical content but remember people you have to listen to make up your own mind!!!

On the down side I do think that there is more improvement to be made in regards to how they spit!! By this I mean that they could be a clearer, for people like me who are a bit deaf, clarity is paramount!!!

They get a 7/10 for lyrical content. It is very refreshing not to be sworn at all the time even though I like that shit!! For their younger audience it just shows that hip- hop / rap is not all about explicit lyrics and there are people out there who can achieve their goals, dreams and turn them into reality and most profitably a business.

These guys are serious and if they continue on their inspirational track they will be a sure success.

You can hit them up at NRG'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE www.NUTTYFACTORY.COM or on my-space

You can also check their new video out on channel U and listen out for their solo mix tapes which are on sale now!

  • Gizla: Gifted Individual mix tape
  • Ironic: Cream Collar Popping mix tape

Both are obtainable from their web site so make sure you check them out or at least take a look; you never know you might find something you like!!

The album will be released early 2007.

By Gemma Capleton

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