Oscar #Worldpeace - Mum, Pray For Your Son

UK rapper, producer and composer Oscar #Worldpeace releases his new mixtape Mum, Pray For Your Son – a ten track project examining faith, fatherhood, marriage and his own upbringing, self-released via Oscar’s newly named label Proppa P – in honour of his late cousin, who was the first person to hand him a mic. Oscar has also announced his first headline show in London for over three years to take place at The Grace in Highbury on 1st May.

Daddy, where’s your bible?” asks Oscar’s son on mixtape opener ‘Privilege Prayers‘, this question introducing two of the project’s main themes; fatherhood and faith. The song begins to unfold via the use of an enchanting vocal sample and shimmering jazz keys looped together to create a spellbinding motif.

Billboard Face featuring Canadian trio Planet Giza is slick and inviting from its opening moments. “Big bald face in the billboard” raps Oscar, claiming his space as an integral figure in the UK and international rap arena. Both Oscar and Planet Giza’s Tony Stone deliver glossy verses, reflecting on how the coarseness of life’s journey has produced the polished men that they have become.

Pure Intent‘ begins with a glorious soul sample that is slowly contorted into something more brooding yet equally enthralling, the song’s growling bassline packing a distinctly British grit and intensity. As the title suggests, Oscar’s words fizzle with intention, revealing various strands of thought and fear through his meditative flow.

Heaven‘ is a blissful foray in which we find Oscar at his most sincere, detailing his appreciation for his partner and the sense of peace found when she is around. When Qendresa appears on the track, her vocal contains a gentle power which further elevates the listening experience.

Ferocious‘ is an intimate, late-night cut with atmospheric synths and buoyant bass, in his verses Oscar narrates various romantic scenarios with his significant other. A music video for the song was shot during Oscar’s recent visit to Japan that saw him perform in Tokyo and Osaka, connecting with his local fanbase and other creatives.

Gets Like Dat functions as an ode to stoicism in the face of life’s trials. Both Bawo and Oscar deliver verses that are packed in equal measures with braggadocio, wit and self reflection: ‘I used to hate my pops, until I became my pops’ Oscar raps in his stuttering flow; relaying life changing revelations in a single bar.

And Sh!t‘ continues strongly with Oscar sounding palpably determined, ready to steam-roll any obstacle in his way. Over a sparse and eerie instrumental, Oscar spits out his verses with an urgency that signals to the inner tensions experienced by the MC.

Ain’t A 10‘ is a song packed with braggadocio, Oscar boastfully rapping ‘I could lose my way and have my way again. You might have a lady but she ain’t a 10‘. Throughout the song his delivery is laid back and assured, confident in his ability to overcome.

As the single that marked his comeback late last year, ‘Never Know wastes no time in introducing itself as an infectious and striking track. Its instrumental elements are hypnotic, with repeated piano melodies and string riffs articulating a feeling of contemplation and curiosity.

Closing out the mixtape is ‘For You‘, a contemplative groove where Oscar opens simply with the line ‘So what is life?‘ As the song continues, Oscar wrestles with various hardships, trying to come to terms with what it truly means to be a father, husband and man of God. The weight of his responsibility clearly rests heavy on Oscar’s shoulders but an internal strength shines through the resolve found in his lyrics.

With the release of Mum, Pray For Your Son we see Oscar #Worldpeace consolidate a number of themes explored in previous bodies of work to create a coherent narrative reflecting on various periods in his life. “That’s the premise of Mum, Pray For Your Son, it’s a very personal record but I also have fun on there. I was able to do everything I wasn’t able to do on my other projects, and do it all on one album“. 

Mum, Pray For Your Son is a mixtape filled with an insightfulness and personal flair that could only come from the ever evolving and constantly exciting Oscar #Worldpeace.

Oscar #Worldpeace

Mixtape Track List:

  1. Privilege Prayers
  2. Billboard Face feat. Planet Giza
  3. Pure Intent
  4. Heaven feat. Qendresa
  5. Ferocious
  6. And Sh!t
  7. Gets Like Dat feat. Bawo
  8. Ain’t A 10
  9. Never Know
  10. For You

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