Pistache Records Presents... Beats'n'Rhymes Vol.1 CD [Pistache]

Pistache records was created in 2004 of the back of the Pistache clothing brand. The first CD Beats ‘n’ Rhymes Vol 1 is a 27 track mix which features an abundance of sick artists, and is mixed by DJ IQ. YunGun‘s track Peter Pan Syndrome kicks the CD off, true to YG form the tune is heavy and begins the CD they way it continues.

Harry Love and Verb T bless the CD with there hypnotic skills, illustrating there usual flare and natural chemistry, they give the listener a taste of Bring It Back To Basics; and leave you wanting more. Lowkey features also, with his current take on the underground scene, his socially relevant observations and skilled delivery make a big contribution. Tommy Evans also features with Mensa.

Pistache Records Presents... Beats'n'Rhymes Vol.1 CD [Pistache]Some big beats are borrowed, Reveal spits on the classic TF Murda beat, repping the UK rags as always. Klashnekoff also features on the mix, with several samples from Focus Mode including a remix of Let It Go. Genisis Elijah adds to the album with  track borrowed from his own mix tape Industrial Revolution, and offers the listener his personal insights and ideals about taking positive social action. He also features on a 2005 track with Word Smith, big tune. Another Poisonous Poet, Stylah throws in Warfare Part 2 and Asaviour reps the North with his laid back raps and smooth beats.

As if this wasnt enough Immortal Technique contributes with his Bin Laden mix, I’m not sure if IQ has done it intentionally but the parallels between the previous track (Genisis) and his are crazy its almost as if the two tracks are making reference to one and other. Doc Brown features with an upbeat track, ‘Never Coming Down‘ which YG collaborates on with a big, big lyric, I don’t care what anyone says that tune is big. And it succeeds in completely altering the mood of the CD.

The fusion of UK and US artists and beats is skilfully done by IQ on this mix tape, some of the US beats are almost reminiscent of the whole breaks / funk thing which I definitely think is a positive aspect of the CD. The vibe of the CD is upbeat and fun, yet overall it manages to make reference to deep content with ease.

Pistache is an independent UK clothing brand which was created in a year prior to the records side of things in 2003. The label has been growing rapidly since. Pistache makes fresh streetware at affordable prices, there designs are live and so varied the web site features literally too many different designs too choose from in an array of colours all hand printed and completely eco friendly. The proud ideology behind Pistache proclaims to ‘follow dreams, not competition’.

Pistache clothing endorses many artists in the UKHH scene including the above mentioned to name a few, Surfers and Skaters such as Marlon Clamp, Karl Frampton and Alex Web also rep Pistache garms, they really do have designs that will appeal to everyone.

You can check the website at www.pistacheclothing.com, or their myspace page, if you spent £50 you get the mix tape for free, however you do obtain it, standard its worth having.

By Laura Beale

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