Pragmatic Theory - Verbal Architecture LP [Rhythm22]

Pragmatic Theory is a collective of artists from all over and is also an imprint within a label. The label being Rhythm 22 which is also a blog. Got that? Right. So what is Verbal Architecture? Its a compilation LP featuring 24 tracks from a diverse set of acts and it is something you ought to check.

It has been only five months since Pragmatic Theory dropped an MC led offering, but with so many affiliates I expect they could drop one of these a week. Either way this is not some throw away offering, there is some serious productions and names on here, mixed in with some lesser knowns. You will know Melanin 9, but do you know Jondis? I didn’t but there is connections with long time DJ Ivan6.

I can’t go through all the tracks, but there is slow heavy snared Boom Bap Hip Hop with US accents and toungue twisting delivery, through dark, almost horrorcore reality raps, but this is predominantly straight up bangers from beginning to end.

There is a a tracks where the recording and mixing standards of the vocals don’t live up to the beat production qualities. Maybe this is an issue of remote recording, or an accidental mishap. It does hark back to when equipment produced distorted crusty sounds, but there is no excuse now and there are ways of getting a gritty feel in without impinging on the sonic quality.

Conversely there is some beats that just feel like a drunk tripping over his own feet as he tangles his legs whilst walking. This is overly critical and is more to give you an idea of the variety on here rather than trying to disparage the offerings. There is also soulful synth tracks with deep historical fact based verbals, or raps which leave you wondering if the MC ever took a breath!

Some of the artists featured include: TASK1ne, Melanin 9 from Triple Darkness, Slim Pickens, The Doppelgangaz and Apathy, Jondis, Sene, Blu, Anthm and Britain Parker, Stainless, Chromadadata, Supreme Sol, Chel Strong, Kal-L, Phlo Deli, W.O.L.M, Wood Ox, Defcee, Praverb the Wyse and Don Streat, Cayoz, The Benchwarmers Clique, Reflectionz, Corsairs (Cor Stidak and RaSun), Redi Brown and J-diamante, The Paramedics, Benjamin Earl Turner, Ibn Hasan and Glyph.

Anyway, its free and good, so check it.

Released: 31st August 2013

Track List:

01. TASK1ne – Shut It Down (Prod. 5th Sequence) 02:53
02. Melanin 9 Feat. Triple Darkness – Silent Weaponz 04:01
03. Slim Pickens – Slam Microphones (Prod. Blade Gordon) (Cuts Chinch33) 04:08
04. The Doppelgangaz Feat. Apathy – Whole Wide World (Remix) 03:42
05. Jondis – Where Else To Go (Prod. Keor Meteor x Kofee) (Cuts DJ Ivan6) 02:18
06. Sene x Blu x ANTHM x Britain Parker – Young Leaders 03:35
07. Stainless Steele – Animated Dreams (Prod. Ohbliv) 02:28
08. ChromadaData – All I Want Feat. Justin Zim 02:33
09. Supreme Sol – Stylistic Stratagems (Prod. Sixfingerz) 03:22
10. Chel Strong – Pirates x Pyros V2 (Prod. Es-K) 02:57
11. Kal-L – On It (Prod. Cypria) 03:01
12. Phlo Deli – Final Hour (Homage to Miss Lauryn Hill) (Prod. Budamonk) 03:33
13. W.O.L.M – And So It Started (Prod. LikemindeD LABS) 03:00
14. Wood Ox – Love Unconditional 01:39
15. Defcee – Sharp (Prod. DJ Sapien) 03:00
16. Praverb the Wyse Feat. Don Streat – Blue Collar 03:42
17. Cayoz – As Time Goes By 03:12
18. The BenchWarmers Clique Feat. Reks – Droppin' Bombs (Prod. Jewbei) *From The Adventures in 8bit* 04:04
19. Reflectionz – Colors (Prod. Josef Blo) (Mixed Aleph 1ne) 01:58
20. Corsairs (Cor Stidak x RaSun) – Broken (Prod. Nextwon) 03:27
21. Redi Brown Feat. J-diamante' – Stay Strong (Prod. JP Balboa) 03:07
22. The Paramedics – Firearms (Prod. Funky Notes) 04:36
23. Benjamin Earl Turner x Defcee – Danica (Prod. Sev Seveer) 05:42
24. Ibn Hasan x Glyphick – Zimmerman Martin Vanquish (Prod. Glyphick) 06:22

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