Project Alfie - Project Alfie Mixtape LP [Indie]

Project Alfie has been billed as one of the most exciting and unique artists going into the New Year. His distinctive image, heavily influenced by the idiosyncratic style of 60s cinema, coupled with an exceptional blend of cinematic soul and hip-hop, makes Project Alfie an incomparable act.

At just 25 years old, London-based Project Alfie has established and finely tuned a remarkable style and sound. Adopting classic soundtracks from a stylistically rich era of film and fashion, Alfie injects the warmth and soul of some of his biggest musical influences including Michel Legrand and Donny Hathaway. This works to create an opulent blend that crosses genres, radiating the quality of a distinguished and talented performer and musician.

The epic, emotionally wrought track Beggin' is set to be released on the Universal Compilation R&B Collection 2012, which will mark Project Alfie as the only unsigned act to be featured on the album. He has collaborated with Sway for the upcoming album release, and is also set to feature on the renowned urban star's own album.

The lead track from Project Alfie's mixtape samples Jay-Z's Dead Presidents, branding the track with his own unmistakable fusion of soul and vintage pop.

What began as an ambitious project, has quickly and elegantly transformed into a beautifully finished and theatrically stylised act that makes Project Alfie one to watch for 2012.

Download Here:

Release Date: Tuesday 27th December

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