Red Cafe - The Menu (Mixed By Late & Tricksta) CD [Wolftown]

Do these two never stop? (LOL!!) I mean the amount of CD’s that Wolftown Recordings are unleashing they must easily be the most prolific Hip-Hop record label in the UK. Here they showcase Akon’s latest signing Red Café, a man who is creating a real buzz Stateside with his tracks being the new soundtrack for the streets.

Ice Cold’ and ‘Click, Clack (Featuring Akon)’ and ‘Still Thuggin’ are my choice cuts, but people I kno will go mad when they here the awesome ‘Diddy Bop Remix’ with Fabolous, Kardinal, Cocoa Chancelle and Cash Money’s Currency. Other tracks drop hefty too with Mobb Deep, Lloyd Banks, 50Cent, Hell Rell, St. Laz, Lil Wayne, Uncle Murder, Big Cas and Freeway all featuring. This is such a brilliant CD and if you like your New York street music then you need to buy this. So go on, jump on board the Late & Tricksta train and get with it. Red Café is the future.

Review by: Brendan Deane

Red Cafe - The Menu (Mixed By Late & Tricksta) CD [Wolftown]

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