Wolverhampton is rapidly becoming known as a Mecca for UK urban music with a whole string of artists currently making noise; LATE, 10SHOTT, BIG WAYNE, TRICKSTA, VICIOUS CIRCLE, CONMAN, SIZE8, VILLAINS, JAI BOO, WOLFTOWN COMMITTEE, LEE DEE, HIGH TIMEZ, A1, STAXX, DJ SPRINGA, HIGHER STAKES, GOLDIE and BEVERLEY KNIGHT amongst others. Now comes another name to add to the ‘Wolverhampton Hall Of Fame’… At the tender age of sixteen comes an emcee with bags of potential and skill. Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for RELOAD… 
RELOAD first got into music at the age of eight after being introduced to a wide selection of artists COOLIO, SKINNYMAN, WU-TANG CLAN, TASKFORCE, NAS, BLAK TWANG and PROJECT PAT by his older brother. His addiction to the Hip-Hop culture comes from his life as a young teenager growing up with pressures of living in the inner city.

ReloadAt school he entered and won a string of poetry competitions and learnt that his skill to rhyme words needed to be taken to that next level. RELOAD started rapping in 1999 and spent time finding his style and developing his flow before unleashing a few DJ’s with freestyles. To date he has been on a string of mixtapes including UK RUNNINGS VOLUME 3 alongside the likes of KYZA, SCORZAYZEE, K9, LOWKEY, KLASHNEKOFF and ROOTS MANUVA, as well as an American mixtape release by MOBDESINZ Clothing Presents ‘Steppin To The Streets’ alongside LLYOD BANKS from G UNIT, JADE FOXX and O.D.B (R.I.P) from WU TANG and ROC-A-FELLA, BIG GEE DAMME’s forthcoming Wolftown Mixtape entitled ‘Empire Strikes Back’, HHB Radio Mixtape by Lunatrix, MIKE S’s ‘Beats & Beer’ Mixtape, done exclusives for UK RUNNINGS VOLUME 4, got himself a guest spot on JABBA THE CUT’s forthcoming album on Cut Above Records and is already planning an EP with Midland’s label Occupy Your Mind. He is already getting a lot of love from a host of DJ’s and tastemakers alike who have supported tracks on this enclosed mixtape.

‘THE UPHILL STRUGGLE’ is an audio excursion into the world of RELOAD. This is his first CD release, a collection of freestyles and tracks that have been recorded in 2005. Here you get a wide range of tracks giving the listener chance to absorb his lyrical content and solid flows. RELOAD’s style is built on ‘being real’, so expect no lies just inner-city tales and thoughts laid down in audio scriptures for the masses.

Peep heavy collaborations with CONMAN and LATE from WOLFTOWN RECORDINGS, as well as production by TRICKSTA, JUTTLA and BESERK. UK RUNNINGS & WOLFTOWN CEO TRICKSTA also steps in on the hosting and also deals with the mix superbly once again!

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