Resin Dogs - More CD [Hydrofunk Records]

Australian band (but not a band in its traditional sense, they'd have us know) Resin Dogs released their album More this month. It's a Hip Hop affair featuring voices from the US, the UK and Australia – a fact that keeps each track fresh and different.

Haiku D'etat Aceyalone, Mikah 9 and Abstract Rude) do the opening honours with Coming With The Sound and they set things off on a very good foot – headnods and singalongability. Oneself MC BluRum 13 follows up with End Game with a cool, calm and collected manifesto. Disco beats abound on Definition (click for free download) as Mystro, Hau and Abstract Rude opine on what makes a real MC, none disappoint although UK favourite Mystro does stand out.

More quality Hip Hop follows with a trinity of tracks with more serious musings – but don't worry things are still upbeat (which I'm all for). Yungun chats about the business of life and Abstract Rude discusses how people treat money. Trendy sounding, bashmenty Peace & Love (the albums first single) features Demoliton Man and is just a bit too try hard and out of place.

2 Sides featuring JSD and MC Wrec uses the reggae influence to better effect. Yungun returns to rightfully brag about his style on Nasty – gotta love this boy's rhymes. Mystro makes some great observations on Sex Cells although some of Abstract Rude's rhymes are just a bit, erm, rude! The album finishes with a 10 minute long Beastie Boys style funk jam session reminiscent of The In Sound From Way Out.

This album has been on rotation in the CB lair, which is fairly unusual – it's a really listenable LP and now I'll be checking for the Resin Dogs back catalogue. I'd advise you buy a copy soon! It's out now on Hydrofunk Records.

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Resin Dogs - More CD [Hydrofunk Records]

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