River Nelson - The Rise And Fall Of River Nelson LP [The World Of Dusty Vinyl]

The Rise and Fall of River Nelson, the debut album by Brooklyn-based MC River Nelson, is released on July 26 2010 through The World Of Dusty Vinyl Records. Produced by the legendary Lewis Parker, and featuring guest appearances from Vex Da Vortex (Boogiemonsters), The Rise and Fall of River Nelson sketches a picture of the daily triumphs, failures, wins and losses that we encounter trying to achieve our desired goals.

Highlights of this 17 track opus include the jubilant positivity of forthcoming single Beautiful Life (release date TBC), the retro stylings of Hold On, River’s saucy lyrics in Women, the whistling hooks of Fistful of Dynamite and mournful standout track, Moonrise. The live female vocal on poem / skit Rise and Fall, is River’s sister, the poet Panama.

“I wanted to make a hip-hop album that will make people feel good about themselves and life in general, despite its hardships”, says River. “An album you can play straight through, it will put your mind in a good and warm place. Lyrically, the album has a continuous theme of being hopeful. Musically, the tracks consist of classic Lewis Parker beats, with a 2010 and beyond twist”.

Brooklyn based MC River Nelson began his recording career when he joined up with the Boogiemonsters collaborative and was featured on the Boogiemonster’s first classic album Riders Of The Storm: The Under Water Album. He was signed by Arista Records by founder Clive Davis, while Mr. Davis was still at the label’s helm. Over a period of years he has gained a respectable following playing the NYC underground circuit and overseas with the likes of Talib Kweli, Common, Peoples Army, and many more.

Being introduced to each other at a Medina Green listening party in downtown Manhattan was how River Nelson and Lewis Parker would first meet. A connection was instantly made and Lewis handed River his Beats CD. River was blown away, and not long after their first hook up, he was at Lewis’ studio in Queens, where they recorded down material which left both feeling they had some special chemistry with their music. It was then that they went on to record a whole album together: The Rise and Fall of River Nelson.

Released July 26th. Look out for summer dates in London to be announced shortly.

Track List:

01. The Brother Nelson Intro
02. Always Winter
03. Hold On [Explicit]
04. Beautiful Life Intro
05. Beautiful Life [Explicit]
06. End of the Day (feat. Vex DaVortex) [Explicit]
07. Unbeatable Foe (feat. Dynas and Lewis Parker) [Explicit]
08. Moonrise [Explicit]
09. Ready [Explicit]
10. Across Town [Explicit]
11. Man Intro [Explicit]
12. Man [Explicit]
13. Women [Explicit]
14. Rise and Fall (feat. Panama) [Explicit]
15. Fist Full of Dynamite (feat. Jacky Danz and Lewis Parker) [Explicit]
16. Fool (feat. Lewis Parker) [Explicit]
17. There (feat. Ed Preachermann Holley) [Explicit]

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