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Sunday, 15 September 2019
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River Nelson - The Shape Of The Sky LP [World Of Dusty Vinyl]
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Thursday, 31 October 2013
River Nelson - The Shape Of The Sky LP [World Of Dusty Vinyl]River Nelson releases a brand new album produced by Lewis Parker. 'The Shape of The Sky' is the second full length album from River Nelson, after his critically acclaimed release 'The Rise and Fall of River Nelson'. The album is comprised of thirteen tracks that will inspire, motivate, and allow you to hear topics that aren't usually covered in Hip-Hop.

"Just like the first album, I really wanted to push myself artistically. Each song captures a different mood and paints a vivid picture of what I've experienced, and what I see others experience around me. Like we always do with our records, there's no faking or posturing, just carefully crafted heartfelt Hip-Hop music", River Nelson says.

The Shape of The Sky is produced by the legendary Lewis Parker who was born and raised in the UK and has worked a string of UK Hip-Hop legends as well as giving up beats to the likes of Ghostface Killah from Wu Tang Clan.

Songs on 'The Shape of The Sky' include the get-out-and-feel- good-anthem "Put off The Pain" which comes complete with a lyric video. This infectious anthem hits hard with its classic sounding swinging horns, catchy drum pattern and inventive lyrics about managing one's challenges. The hypnotic tune will warm the heart and make you want to dance at the same time.

"Opportunity" is another song that comes with a video and this track speaks about being prepared for whenever your big moment comes, which is captured in passionate lyrics like: "When I see my opportunity I'll swallow it whole/Without even chewing that's just how desperate I roll", spits River. The sincere lyrics on "Opportunity" are coupled with Lewis Parker's penetrating string sounds, and a soulful chorus reminiscent of an old blues record that will pull listeners into the cut even further.

River says the title of the album The Shape of the Sky, is about realizing our limitless potential. "Sometimes I like using parts of nature to describe what I'm going for song-wise or to describe how I feel, hence the name I picked for myself, and the sky to me is just a reminder that we're boundless in terms of our inner potential. We can really do anything we want", says River.

River Nelson – Opportunity (Music Video):

River Nelson 'The Shape of The Sky' (Track list):

01. Sky Intro
02. Rising Morning Fire
03. Put Off The Pain
04. Opportunity
05. 300 Seconds
06. The Poke Thru Theory Feat. Ann One
07. I Feel The Water
08. Midnight Drive
09. Human Graffiti
10. Oceanography Feat. T.R.A.C
11. The Cotton Club
12. Thinkin' Of Leaving Feat. John Robinson
13. Sky Outro

All Tracks Produced by Lewis Parker

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