Rukus - Originality Stands Alone 2xCD [Trinity / Ant Records]

Rukus’ has given us all a reason why he should be one of UK Hip Hop’s most prominent figures in the game. His first single ‘Let It Go’ notably broke the name ‘Rukus’ and therefore paved the way for him, in my opinion, to be one of the UK’s most successful up and coming artists.

The mixtape is filled with over 50 tracks spread over 2 CD’s which gives you well over an hour’s listening time. With that much heat on a mixtape, this will effectively give ‘Rukus’ the platform he needs to secure his place in the UK Hip Hop scene where other artists will find it hard to defame his status.

Rukus - Originality Stands Alone 2xCD [Trinity / Ant Records]

01. Originality Stands Alone feat. Lady Blue & Steady
02. Where I Come From feat. Dwaine Hayden
03. Obidiah feat. Dessy G
04. What She Said
05. Birmingham feat. Natty
06. Trinity Head Quarters Skit feat. Jamie Dred & BFG
07. Fullapresha feat. Inferno
08. Find A Way feat. Yogi & Dwaine Hayden
09. Don’t You Have A Word
10. What’s Real? feat Stylah & Lowkey
11. Bad Day Skit feat Gwizzy
12. Waves feat. Niahillissis & 33 Flames
13. Good Rise feat Big V
14. PlayinWidFire feat. Ty
15. BlowDemSpeakers feat Boogie
16. It’s On feat. JC Da Terrorist & Tricks
17. N E Where U Want It feat Smoke Darg
18. Bazil Skit feat. Fallacy, G Camos & Alex Blood
19. Promises RMX feat. Suncycle, Skepta & J2K
20. T Fam feat. Sly Man & Inferno
21. U Know feat. MA Starkey
22. My Time feat. Tuska Rhymestein
23. Wait
24. School-In feat. Aziz
25. Real Or Fake feat. Def 1
26. Get It Goin
27. Ey Guy feat. Skeme & Yogi
28. Love Skit feat. Mandissa
29. Married 2 Da M.I.C.

01. Intro
02. Let It Greezy Part 1 feat. D.E.Velopment & Smoke Darg
03. Eden Rage feat Mr Ti2bs & Yogi
04. Dat Mi A Sey Skit feat Twinz
05. Saturated feat Precha
06. Set Dat feat. Royalists
07. Tek Dat Skit feat Steady
08. Fully feat. Richie Rich
09. Let It Greezy Part 2 feat. Wariko & Tuska Rhymestein
10. Ladies Corner Skit feat. Nesha (1Xtra)
11. Phone Call feat. Joy
12. Give Me Ur Love Rmx feat. Natty, Taz & Vee
13. Crazy feat. Karizma & M.B.
14. Sunshine feat. Kaotic & Dwaine Hayden
15. Shakedown feat. Jimi C
16. Had2BDone feat. Yogi & Shade One
17. Let It Greezy Part 3 feat. Wretch 32
18. Don’t Touch Da Radio 1 Skit feat. Steady
19. Understand
20. Baby J Speaks Skit
21. Who So Ever
22. DJ Figa Takeover
23. Don’t Touch Da Radio 2 Skit feat. Steady
24. Str8Up feat. Sarai Jazz
25. Bless U Part 2 feat. T.B, Pyrelli & Shameless
26. Live Like Dis feat. Mandissa
27. One
28. Break Da Mould Skit

The first half of the mixtape (CD 1) is filled with 29 tracks, with his timeless classic track ‘Originality Stands Alone’ serves as a good opening track for the mixtape. The track which features the sounds of ‘Lady Blue’ over the chorus, gives us a taste of what’s to come as he delivers his message of him being “here to stay” which he follows up with a consistent rhyme scheme that stays on point. The vocal ability of ‘Lady Blue’ also fits well in the track and balances the song to make it a good introduction for the mixtape.

As quoted from the track ‘Good Rise’ featuring ‘Big V’; “It’s a case of economics, I supply what you demand” is a verse that ’Rukus’ can stand by firmly as he definitely supplies the goods on this CD. With a mixture of slow and up beat tracks, this first half of mixtape evidently shows that ‘Rukus’ can transcend to any style of beat that’s thrown his way.

Tracks such as ‘Blowdemspeakers’ featuring ‘Boogie’ and the track ‘Neheruwantit’ featuring ‘Smoke Darg’ and more proves how ‘Rukus’ can oscillate his flow between tracks which you would expect from a good mixtape.

The second half of the mixtape (CD 2) is filled with 28 tracks and starts off with a brief intermission where ‘Rukus’ announces the release of his album in 2007 titled ‘Journey Through My Mind’, then goes on to introduce the second track ‘Let It Greezy, Part 1’ featuring ‘D.E. Development’ and ‘Smoke Darg’ which is a remix of the original hit that first aired on Channel U and MTV Base.

CD 2 of the mixtape is a compilation of tunes that is very different to the first half of the mixtape in production. There’s even a couple of reggae style tunes which diverges the mixtape to a very different sound other than Hip Hop and Grime, which in turn shows how diverse ‘Rukus’ is when making music.

The mixtape is filled with skilful and hard hitting lyrics, that vibrantly changes in tempo on some of the tracks featured, which is also evidently heard throughout the mixtape and on tracks such as ‘U Know’ featuring ‘Ma Starkey’ and ‘Str8up’ featuring ‘Sarai Jazz’.

Overall, the mixtape definitely enables you to hear what ‘Rukus’ is all about, with excellent production that further elevates his lyrical ability. He is also has complimentary V.I.P. collaborations on both CD’s including ‘Wretch 32’, ‘Pyrelli’, ‘Def 1’, ‘Skepta’, ‘Suncycle’, ‘J2K’ ‘Richie Rich’, ‘Skeme’ ‘Taz’ plus more.

Rukus’ certainly offloads a lot of heat on this mixtape which is good for creating a project which will be a memorable landmark in the UK hip-hop scene. With a lot of different mixtures to listen to, you will be pleasantly entertained.

So for any UK Hip Hop fans that is searching for something fresh and different to listen to, ‘Originality Stands Alone’ is definitely worth picking up and purchasing to keep your Ipod’s or MP’3’s busy.

Release Date: 30th April 2007.

By: Leon B

By Leon

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