Rup - Rup On Zebra EP [Zebra Traffic]
Rup’s (pronounced Roop) first-rate debut album ‘Rup on Zebra’ drops on the 5th Feb. His production is tighter than a nuns proverbials and is as honest as hip hop gets. Rup’s lyrics are inspired from being raised in South London and his album is typical reflective urban poetry, but it there is a notable twist. 

There is no forced attitude. Rup tries to prove himself to no one and is refreshingly confident with it. Rup on Zebra has track for most moods; club bangers such as track Rollin’ and profound tracks delivering top notch wordplay such as Step & Do You Know.

Rup - Rup On Zebra EP [Zebra Traffic]
01. Hi I’m Rupert
02. Brace Yourself
03. Timequake ft. See
04. Step
05. Zebraskit
06. King Cnut ft.Dr. Syntax & Koaste
07. Rampage
08. Where You Are
09. Angels And Devils
10. Rollin’
11. Clearly An Interlude
12. Wilderness Kids
13. Do You Know
14. Outrolude
15. Diana’s Def (Bonus track)

Class UK Hip Hop!

By Jade Bremner

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