Savvy - Adapt or Die LP [Saving Grace Music]

Asaviour aka Savvy, the Huddersfield born Emcee and Producer returns with the final instalment of his Play To Win Trilogy, Adapt Or Die. Having been at the forefront of UK HipHop for many years we can now see the progression from this remarkable artist, he clearly holds entrepreneurial quality, learning more about his craft by studying Music Tech, creating and starting his own label Saving Grace Music not to mention the wealth of experience makes Savvy an artist with many tricks up his sleeve.

Savvy has made it no secret how hard it was to get his own label off and running saying that at the point he created Saving Grace Music in 2007, it was the only feasible option to get his music released and since then has gone on to collaborate with Jehst, Braintax and Professor Green’s official DJ, DJ IQ.

Savvy is a lyrical based rapper and although the UK HipHop scene is full of rappers saying something, Savvy has a refreshing positive mentality, he even states in Adapt or Die my, ‘themes are at odds with the scene’, without aggression the power of this track is visible from the language and the clever wordplay.

The distinctive dulcet tones of Savvy are recognisable for most familiar with the UK Scene, its a pleasure to listen to his return. ‘The Theme is Win’ and really there is no disagreeing with Savvy’s Mantra.

By: Ali Ferguson

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