Secondson - Debt Metal MP3 [SFDB]

Fusing live instruments with samples, breaks and Secondson‘s extensive synth collection, this project was created for a film soundtrack, and has only seen the light of day thanks to the kind folks at the production house (Peace Attack Records) that commissioned the work. You know Secondson has been doing this for years and so has the skills to put together a quality soundscape.

There is a variety of tracks included here, but somehow the complete offerring is somewhat homogenous. Whilst I would usually favour predomiinantly sample based production the synths here provide an evokative and moody feel which you can tell would work well as the film soundtrack. Depending on the style of the film I have a feeling that Secondson will have crafted a set of works that entirely encapsulated the breif he was set.

Exclusively available early on Bandcamp. Debt Metal will be available from 29th August on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer and all major digital download and streaming platforms. The LP was recorded, mixed and mastered by Leon West at the Vault, Cardiff, UK.

There’s a follow up already planned, with 60% of the pre-production complete on the next project.

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