Simple Samples are a two piece Manchester based Hip Hop duo who count amongst their influences some of the cream of the crop including artists like: Task Force, Jehst, Braintax. Common, KonnyKon, The Roots, SkinnyMan, Ty, Kashmere,People Under The Stairs, Harry Love, Cappo, A Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock, Souls Of Mischief, Group Home, etc. this run down gives you a substantial idea of what type of music these guys are producing.

The two piece is made up of Scrabble who is the main MC delivering the raps and Dweller who covers the aspects of beats and production. They got together after meeting in their 6th form, which is now about three years ago. They soon gelled and were soon making tunes for a laugh. But with feedback they decided to put in more effort and spent a lot more time writing better lyrics together.

01. Intro
02. Dark Mater
03. Like It Is
04. Tales From The Riverbank
05. Ripe ft. Seldom Seen
06. Kickin It Niftily
07. Sinister World
08. Monumental
09. Ma Metaphors
10. Northwestern Nights Dream (Instrumental)
11. Freespit 2006 ft. Seldom Seen, Lew, Daddy Ash
12. Outtro

This development has resulted in the Promo CD they are shopping around right about now. The general vibe of the CD is an easy going and sample based production evocative of the classic age and the duo have the ability to combine both original samples and more well known ones in a manner that still sounds fresh.

There is a humerous element to some of the vocal samples and the effort that has gone into the bits between the tracks, e.g. the end to the Tales From The River Bank track. Rocking drum loops are the backing for tracks like Ripe on which the Simple Samples crew get in the help of Seldom Seen who also lets loose on the mic.

The only other track to feature guests is the penultimate Freespirit 2006 which has additional vocals from Seldom Seen, Lew and Daddy Ash all over a heavy bass laden backing for one of the hardest tracks on the release.

Kicking It Niftily has a great double bass bassline which is soon accompanied by a piano riff for a sort of up tempo Jazzy head bopper. Scrabble rides the beat admirably and gets in just the right amount of syllables and isn’t scared to drop in some pauses as well. Sinister World follows in which the lads choose to make their political statements.

Using drum breaks as they do, their choice leads to an upbeat vibe which whilst not on the club vibe of today’s Neptunes type productions would still fill up the dancefloor. The productions by Dweller would frequently stand on their own as instrumental tracks such is the success of the way they are put together and arranged. This is shown in Monumental, which has a long instrumental intro before Scrabble jumps in with his quick flow.

This whole thing sounded like a few years ago, but the guys represent the Northwest where they are from and do it with such aplomb that I couldn’t fail to fall for this. Yes, it kinda sounds like we have been here before, but at the same time this is new and I think that Simple Samples should command your support. I love the way the samples are chosen, chopped and flipped and crackly dusty breaks is what Hip Hop production is all about and this is delivered here to the max.

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