Skip-Dawg - The Illest Emcee LP [Skip-Dawg]

Rap artist Skip-Dawg returns to the forefront of East Coast hip hop with the release of his third album, "The Illest Emcee". This CD marks an impressive and long-anticipated return for Skip-Dawg, who in 2005 underwent two intensive surgeries on his lungs at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Headlined by the extremely catchy and uplifting love ballad "Times in My Life", Skip-Dawg's 2008 EP "The Illest Emcee" marks the triumphant return of an East Coast hip-hop veteran. Undaunted by a painful past, Skip-Dawg majestically carves his way back to hip-hop pre-eminence through passionate and earnest lyrics, captivating story-telling ability, and well-crafted song-writing talent, evidenced throughout the entirety of his 2008 release "The Illest Emcee".

Not one to shy away from his former problems, Skip-Dawg instead draws inspiration from his adversity and depicts a vivid and painfully honest picture of his life: "To get this far, you've seen me fall, seen me crawl just to stand up tall, I put blood sweat and tears in every sixteen bars to match the blood sweat and tears of my 16 scars".

Skip-Dawg’s EP "The Illest Emcee" will be available on, CDbaby, iTunes, Napster, PayPlay, and locally in music stores throughout the greater Philadelphia area on February 15th, 2008.

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01. Times in My Life
02. Here We Go Again
03. Come Along_Remix
04. In The Place
05. Cousins Track (To Say Goodbye)
06. I Love Nah
07. Loss in Tow
08. This is for My Dawgs

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