Skreintax - Scene Stealers CD [Dented Records]

Skreintax may not have been the most obvious collaboration. Dr Syntax and Skrein each have quite a unique take on Hip Hop but in no way is ‘Scene Stealers’ a mash-up of the two. Synners and Skrizzle have cooperated to create a joint stage for their skills.

Dr. Syntax and Skrein retain their identifiable timbres; you know when one MC stops and the other start – more than can be said for some collaborative efforts. The other MC’s complement this; Stig of the Dump, Farma G, Verb T, Sir Smurf Lil’ and Dubbledge all show up to rap. ‘Mine for the Taking’ showcases yet another Farma G style – that man is really experimenting right now. ‘Express Train’ and ‘T.E.T.M.D’ (The Evil That Men Do) both feature Stig, who seems to have all but lost the Geordie twang but still raps ferociously.

Lyrically there are many messages to be had here. On an overall positive vibe, words of advice and encouragement flow thoughtfully, especially on tracks like ‘Mothers’ and ‘Reach’. Other tracks follow concepts; ‘Express Train’ discusses getting away for a day, ‘Back Down’, a night on the pull with disappointing consequences. ‘Venus’ examines a woman who, despite her name, revolves around material things. Other tracks, like ‘6 Bitters’ (Sick Spitters… get it?), are all about the ill lyrics. As usual Dr. Syntax shines as he displays his awesome propensity to write amazing rhymes.

The production is perfect, not a bad beat in sight. Boom bap, a splash of jazz, a hint of reggae, all stirred in the sunshine is the order of the day here. The beats are courtesy of Nutty P, Kelakovski, Chemo, DJ Snips, Dag Nabbit and Tom Caruana among others. Graziella also provides her golden tones on some deliciously sung hooks.

If you’re already a fan of Dr. Syntax or Skrein then I can guarantee you will want this LP in your collection. It’s out on Dented Records on December 1st; one for your stocking then.

By: Certified Banger |

Track List:

01. Scene Stealers ft. DJ IQ
02. Express Train ft. Stig Of The Dump
03. Mine For The Taking ft. Farma G, Verb T and DJ Skully
04. T.E.T.M.D ft. Stig Of The Dump
05. Mothers ft. Sir Smurf Lil’
06. Back Down ft. Graziella
07. Venus ft. Dubbledge
08. Breathe ft. Graziella
09. 6 Bitters ft. Dubbledge and DJ NoNonames
10. Sometimes ft. Metropolis and Graziella
11. Reach ft. Graziella
12. Outro

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