Skriblah DanGogh - The Little White Dot LP [Sleeping Giants]

The Little White Dot is the long awaited debut solo album written and produced by UK Hip-hop virtuoso Skriblah DanGogh and it’s coming quicker than you think! To get your appetite going we’ve hit you with this brand new music video directed by Global Faction. The track entitled Belly Of The East is produced by Grime and UK Rap producer Smasher who has also produced for the likes of Devlin, Durrty Goodz, Ghetto, J2K, Klashnekoff, Roll Deep and more. This video is just a kind reminder us of why Skriblah and Terra Firma are so well respected in the scene.

Skriblah DanGogh a.k.a Crown Prince of Terra Firma is the renowned lyricist who arrived on the scene as part of the infamous hiphop crew and blazed trails through the industry with heavy hitters like 2006 smash The Foundation. Skriblah is equally well known for his solo guest features with some the brightest urban talent including Emmanuel Jal, Klashnekoff, Twin Cities, K-Nite 13, Phoenix the Icefire, Global Faction and Louis Slipperz.

Advocating intelligent hip-hop, DanGogh has always been lauded for his verbal ingenuity, and his new album is no different. He couples esoteric lyrics and metaphors with bold, authentic hip-hop beats – a winning combination which inevitably draws the listener into his world. A world which explores his unique perception, addressing issues that range from very honest and intimate accounts of personal development, to frank more deeper concepts such global issues.

Whatever it is that Skriblah says it’s said with integrity and realness, the key to any great Hip-Hop artist. His album The Little White Dot features production from Smasher, Beatbutcha, Sleeping Giants, DJ Slademan to name a few and gives the fans what they’ve been longing for: a deeper understanding of the “solid earth philosophy” from the skribe who designed it. This album is the end of the beginning, and with a second full-length album in process it serves as a prequel to Skriblah DanGogh’s personal legacy.

Skriblah’s verbal impressionism seamlessly constructs conflicting dual landscapes of sacrifice and pain as well as faith and endurance. It is a reflection and refraction, merging together many different elements to ask one question… What is waiting at the end of the darkness?

Skriblah DanGogh ‘The Little White Dot’ album coming soon!



Global Faction

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