Slippy Skills - Motivational Speech

Following up from his 2021 debut ‘Multiple Mind States‘ the multifaceted Slippy Skills hooks up with producer LU3 Beats for his latest album ‘Motivational Speech‘.

Slippy is back again to disperse his unique and exquisitely delivered style that ties together his outlandish sense of humour with rapid-pace delivery. While this hybrid style is displayed at the forefront of the album, Slippy endeavours to show his diversity with the addition of more serious lyrical themes in addition to straight up savage barrages of lyrics.

The album features some fantastic guest appearances by some of the most talented artists the Underground UK scene has to offer as Madman State, Kao, Doc Teej, Louis Jeffrey and Simba Black Magic pass through to bless the album.

“This project was out together over 10 years. Half of the songs were originally written/recorded in 2012/13. However, tragically destroyed in the great laptop beer disaster of 2014/15. The tunes were re-recorded then shelved again with bits and pieces sluggishly added over time. Various issues with files, artists, engineers and Brian held it back further.
This one’s lived a bit of a sheltered life nobody knows but yo, the time is now right to let it be heard”.

Slippy Skills

Motivational Speech‘ is out now on all Digital Streaming Platforms and available to purchase on limited edition CD via Runt Life Records.

Slippy Skills

LU3 Beatz

Runt Life Records

Slippy Skills - Motivational Speech
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