Smodt - Out From The Pillars Of Smoke LP

Out From The Pillars Of Smoke is Smodt‘s debut EP, made up of five tracks: Intro, Infinite (feat. Scriptic), Ay Up, Insatiable and OFTPOS. This project is a landmark in North-Eastern rap bringing previously unseen sound, accent, attitude, and style to the UK rap scene.

Each track is heavy on the bass and big on grit and when together they create an EP that covers the artist’s thirst for success, drive and determination to reach it, background and struggles. The full project was entirely produced, composed, written and recorded by Smodt (excluding the feature, which was written and recorded by Scriptic) in his student flat over the course of four months.


Intro is exactly what it says on the can. This track sees Smodt introducing both the EP and himself, presenting the connection between the artist and the music.

Infinite (feat. Scriptic)

Infinite (feat. Scriptic) is an energetic lead-off to the EP, filled with grit, bass and the signature North-East attitude and accent. The song starts with a thirty second trumpet piece which loops to become the melody of the track, the rest of the song is built around this loop. Smodt takes the chorus, first verse and outro and Scriptic takes the second verse, both bringing speed, unique flows and complex rhyme schemes. Infinite explores the artists’ thirst for success and drive to reach it and put the North East on the map.

Ay Up

Ay Up is short but sweet, coming in at just 01:48. This track goes heavy on the bass and hard with the beat, creating a gritty base for the vocals to ride on. The lyrics cover Smodt’s journey as an artist, past, present an future over two eight bar verses with a memorable chorus that encapsulates his determination to make his vision a reality.


Insatiable picks up where Ay Up leaves off, using the same bass instrument as the backbone to the composition. This track sees the tempo drop and changes the pace of the EP, bringing more grit, more bass, dirty hard-hitting drums, crawling hats and vocals that pull Hip-Hop and Grime closer together. Lyrically Insatiable explores Smodt’s current position as an emerging artist and the moves he is making to advance his career though concise flows and a melodic chorus.


OFTPOS is the final song on the EP and is effectively the title track with OFTPOS being an acronym for Out From The Pillars Of Smoke. This song is once again built around the bass and this combined with the trap-style drums create a strong backbone for the powerful lyrics that sit on top. OFTPOS encompasses Smodt’s background in Teesside, North East England, his reasons for moving to London, his struggles in life, what drives him to walk the path he has chosen and what he envisions for his future. The chorus is once again melodic, backed with airy backing vocals that help the inspirational lyrics hit home. Fittingly, OFTPOS has a switch up in the form of a long outro consisting of an alternating melody which increases in tempo, meeting a half-speed four to the floor beat with vocals that give the song, and in turn the EP, its name.


Smodt - Out From The Pillars Of Smoke LP

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