This release has been labelled ‘Africa’s most anticipated Hip-Hop CD of the Millineum’ and dangerous is the only word to describe the new LP from the new and improved Ca$hless Family.

The Cash Fam include amongst their ranks original crew members Snazz-D (The Dictator of Rap!) and Crismo-D, plus Nandi aka. Venus Flyyy (of ‘Ghetto Love’ fame, from Eastern Cape), who joined as the ‘1st Lady’ of Ca$hless, in 2004 and the newest member from CPT. Croniq-X, who joined the family in 2006 and adds a ‘Spaza’ flavour to the infamous Ca$hless crew.

Now five members strong (including X-Amount, who you will hear from shortly… ‘T.H.C’) and ready for whatever, the Hard Ca$hless saga continues… On the mix CD you will also hear some classic Cashless vocals from the older members as well as new female R&B artist Busi. On this CD the Ca$hless Family breaks all laws and order to bring in the new ‘Ca$hless Season’…

The main focus is the art-form, which has been pushed to the ultimate limit. This is the perfect blend of old and new school Hip-Hop! Additionally the lyrics are delivered in more than four different languages. The themes of the CD are: lyrics, beats, hooks, energy and attitude! – It’s all there, Cashless Style!

"SA. Hip-Hop will Never be the same Again!" – Snazz-D.

With the new family and new flavour, you will hear Cashless easily vibe between traditional African-Hop style tracks like "MaMaKaShaka", which was written by Ma Brenda, straight into Hard-Core Hip-Hop flavour with tracks like Fire, by Crismo-D, the ‘Criminal’ of the Crew.

Cashless Society

With half of the crew now rhyming in vernac the South African appeal becomes even more broad-based, with Snazz-D holding the fort on the mic. front as usual. No doubt he retains his crown as the ‘Battle-Rap King’, but more than this, with the addition of Crismo-D’s International Flavor which features Roots from Malawi and New York, the world-wide appeal is also at the cutting edge.

FIRE-Ent. have done much f the production, and when we talked to them, they stated that, ‘We are the heat and the Fire-Ent. stamp is all over this LP, from beginning to the End’. Fire continued, ‘I make sure, everything remains raw. The beats bang, from dusk ‘til dawn. With this LP we can not afford for the crowd to be sitting still, so each and every track will move the audience in a different direction. From the basic ‘Boom-Bap’ Hip-Hop bangers, to some other ‘Ish’ type, Nu-Skool 2000 and Snazz type tracks. (like Supa-Tite! & Venus Flyyy)’. If your head does not nod, you are guaranteed your CA$H back!

In closing, the proof is in the pudding and the LP more than speaks for itself. Just listen and learn, as the Ca$hless Family finally get their chance to burn.

"This LP is worth a 10 year wait…" – Crismo-D.

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