Snazz-D - Inner-City InMate LP [Unreleased]

Prepare yourself for the long awaited return of South Africa’s hottest hip-hop group, Cashless Society. But, before that you are now able to hear new tracks from Cashless Society’s most Lyrical MC. – Snazz-D.

Welcome to "Inner-City InMate", stars Snazz-D, but also includes special features from Crismo-D, X-Amount, Norm-Ski, Afrika, Fat-Free, Raphael, and more. The LP is mainly produced by Fire, Vusi and Norm-Ski, as well as a few other top-notch producers.
The first single and video is already out – "2000 & Snazz!" which is currently being promoted by FIRE-Ent..

Snazz-D - Inner-City InMate LP [Unreleased]This album is unlike anything you’ve ever heard from Snazz-D or any other South African Hip-Hop artists for that matter. The first thing you will notice is the high level of production, the next thing you will notice is the amount of potential hit singles. The plan is apparently to release around eight singles and / or videos off of this LP.

The album is solidly contructed with a great deal of variation, lots of different flavous across different tempos and even genres. Snazz continues on his lyrical conquest while exploring new territories, all the while…

"We are all working on solo projects before you hear anything else from Cashless Society… then we will unite like Voltron!"

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