SonnyJim - Trading Standards Mix-CD [Soul Trader]

"Despite the growing pressure from these coporate clowns / My music never got diluted I just wont water it down / I keep it as true as I can, if that means I lose a few fans / Real recognise real, my people root for their champ".

So says SonnyJim on 'Next Generation', the opening track of his latest offering, the 'Trading Standards Mix-CD'. Feel foolish all ye who hate – if you do, you aint real! Whether he's scared me or convinced me into thinking this mix-CD (finally someone called it what it is) is great is a moot point; is it actually any good?

Well, once I'd perfected the art of ignoring all the stupid anti-pre-release-date-piracy robot voiced messages (seriously, like 3 or more per track – Dented, please don't do that again) I began to discover what this Birmingham MC is all about. SonnyJim is about vicious staccato delivery. SonnyJim is about working with already well respected artists. SonnyJim is about spitting over brilliant beats. SonnyJim is NOT about the 'bastardized image of Hip Hop music portrayed and traded by popular culture' and this much is clear.

The guests on this release fall into two categories: Already well known (Kashmere, IRS, Jehst, Cappo, Orifice Vulgatron, Verb T, Stig of the Dump, Dr Syntax and Skrein) and not so well known yet (Logan, Kosyne, Metropolis, English, Taharka and more). These two sets of guests work really well; they keep things interesting for sure and they show that SonnyJim, despite his confidence, is humble and willing to share his stage. They prove that SonnyJim is committed to proving to the people what real Hip Hop is (check that guestlist again). Also they prove that SonnyJim has deserved strong backing in the UK Rap community.

This is a really hammering selection of tracks; SonnyJim is a force to be reckoned with and if this Mix-CD is translated into a really focussed LP it'll be a sure fire classic. SonnyJim is certainly anti-rap establishment, it'll be refreshing for those of you who have heard too much Lil Wayne and Solja Boy recently. Get yourself a copy of this and get to know SonnyJim.

SonnyJim "Trading Standards" out on Dented Records September 2008.

By: Aidan Severs |

SonnyJim - Trading Standards Mix-CD [Soul Trader]

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