Soundspecies - Soundspecies LP [Burnt Progress]
Those Foreign Beggars are popping up everywhere at the moment! Their latest jaunt is with instrumental experimental Hip Hoppers Soundspecies on the track CDR People taken from the self titled album (Soundspecies, der!). The track is a groovy tribute to the club night of the same name (CDR People der!) and it also features 2Tall. The track is a gem and is something really different for the discerning UK Hip Hop head.

On the album it's followed by the melancholy Beautiful not Suitableâwhich boasts the vocals of Black Spade and is a tale of love and disappointment. Elsewhere things are a little less Hip Hop and more ethereal although tracks like Relax featuring Deborah Jordan manage to combine the two. Mask and Moog Jam manage to combine the above formula with some dirty electronica. Other tracks reveal world music and jazz influences.

Waiting For The Sun To Come Up evokes the exact feelings you'd expect to experience whilst doing what the title suggests. Imagine a long night of good partying, hitting the beach in the early hours and just being content to lie and wait for the morning to come.

The album Soundspecies by Soundspecies is out now on Burnt Progress. The EP (which features Foreign Beggars) is also available now on 12" at Phonica Records.

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Soundspecies - Soundspecies LP [Burnt Progress]

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