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Urgent, dynamic and incisive, Steg G‘s new album ‘Surface Pressure‘ tackles the realities of climate change via collaborations with some of Scotland’s most exciting hip-hop talents.

‘Surface Pressure’ is the third album from Steg G in a series of releases from the stalwart Scottish MC commissioned by The Glasgow Barons, Govan’s regeneration orchestra.

Following on from previous albums, 2019’s ‘The Air in Between‘ and 2021’s ‘Live Today‘, the new album ‘Surface Pressure’ released on Steg G’s label Powercut Productions, boldly addresses the burgeoning threat of climate change, with ten Scottish rappers each invited to create a track that explores their views on the unfolding environmental crisis.

The album is supported by The Glasgow Barons, the orchestra named after Glasgow’s shipbuilding barons, that works with Govan’s local communities to make music, revitalise local venues and build a new story for Govan as a thriving arts hub.

Steg G - Surface Pressure LP [Powercut Productions]

After COP26, the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, took place in Glasgow last November, Steg G and co deliver a timely call to arms that highlights the irony of welcoming people who are in charge of the world’s biggest carbon footprints into a district of Glasgow “that can barely afford a carbon footprint”, Steg G says.

The album is based on that moment in time when humanity either acts responsibly and faces up to the massive elephant in the room -or we give up trying, and face the consequences. ‘Surface Pressure’ explores all of the emotions, feelings, thoughts and concerns present in society around the issues of climate change: a blend of helplessness, defiance, love, rage and spirituality.

Steg G

Steg G


1. Twilight ft. Solareye
2. The Rise And Fall ft. Jam
3. No Future ft. Sweet Rogue
4. The Promise ft. Freestyle Master
5. Part Of The Problem ft. Conscious Route
6. Respek BA – The Point Of No Return
7. Hope And Despair ft. Nova Scotia The Truth
8. Footnote ft. Johnny Cypher
9. The Road To Salvation ft. Jay-Lee
10. Empress – The Final Curtain

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