I have been a big fan of Stig’s for a while now. He has been throwing his weight around destroying MCs at the Jump Off freestyle events and has quickly risen to be one of the UK’s finest battlers, so I was positively salivating at the prospect of his debut release.

The interesting story behind this release is that after coming to London he found himself homeless and to raise some cash he decided to make this 13 track release in just seven days. After putting out the call for help numerous heads responded donating beats and studio time as well as all the recording and pressing facilities.

So the big Geordie’s release kicks off with the essential Intro which starts off with a radio interview in which he breaks down his history and how he hooked up with the Foreign Beggars and only got into battling to pay the bills. A nice idea which gives a good insight into Stiggy Smalls.


01. Intro
02. The Journey
03. Breaking Shit Down ft. DJ Disscuss
04. The Introduction
05. Rhite Whino
06. Ill Billys ft. Subliminal
07. Marky G (Skit)
08. Fatty & Specky ft. Dr Syntax
09. Prizzle Mic Check (Skit)
10. On A Rampage ft. DJ Discuss
11. I Never
12. Crack A Tin (Skit)
13. Raise Ya Glasses ft. Skrein

The first main track is The Journey a mid tempo big beated throbber with plinky pianos and a high vocal sample every eight bars. Stigmata has a clear and concise delivery which is always on beat and is a pleasure to listen to. Breaking Shit Down follows and ups the pace a touch with dirty cuts by DJ Disscuss to open. The man of many names Stigmund gets a touch more aggressive as he demonstrates his battling skills before the short (less than a minute) track is done.

Winchester of Pen Talk fame provides a splendid beat for The Introduction. It has a great honky tonk piano and big brass over which Big Stig delivers a few verses on his personality and what his life is presently like. Drinking and recording in his bedroom are the main subjects. The beat for Rhite Whino is produced by Blufoot who drops a slow plodder with a descending slow bass and electric guitar solos over which Stig Of The Dump goes mental and raps double paced to blow you away at how good he sounds doing it.

Ill Billys gets Subliminal to join Stig on the vocals. The beat is made of an eight bar loop of a J Zone track which works as the backing due to the upbeat delivery of the MCs. It doesn’t matter that the beat repeats as the rappers will leave you in stitches with their comedic lyrics. Marky G is a quick skit which sounds like a recording of a mad answer phone message.

Fatty & Specky is a light hearted track which shows that Stig is quite capable of ripping the piss out of himself just as much as he is capable of ripping up mics. Dr Syntax plays up to his myopia dropping geeky observations and Stig drops rhymes noting how many pies he ate and how many brews he drank.

On A Rampage is a venom fuelled lyrical bloodbath which again features DJ Discuss cutting up verbal snippets in the chorus. The production is a bit melancholy with a one note deep sax which leaves Stig needing to do a bit too much and so this track isn’t all it could be. I Never is however a total anthem and is produced by Steve Clear. Detailing how he has been running up on MCs regularly and murdering mics Stig Dastardly is demanding your attention and respect. Its all about how he came to be making this LP and gives props to anyone who has supported.

Another skit Crack A Tin is a brief Itch FM free which as ever ends with a poignat laugh and feeds perfectly into the final track the piano laced bouncer Raise Ya Glasses which also features Skrein on the Mic. As you would expect both the MCs drop raps about drinking as well as interacting with crowds and simply recognising their friends. There is of course a secret unnamed track as well which is a two minute accapella freestyle which shows how fast Stig can think on his feet. Its not perfect, but to me that just proves that he is doing it off the dome and that is impressive.

The majority of the production is by Brighton’s Ido whose classic production style perfectly compliments Stigdastardly’s devastating rhymes. In fact Stig needs to be commended for the beats he has chosen as well as the good job done on the mix which sounds crisp.

This release is one that will get your tired ears perked up and back listening out for that dope shit which is head and shoulders above the normal average offerings. Stig has that hardcore appeal, whilst at the same time has that indeterminable quality which will also appeal to a wider mainstream audience. He has humour and charisma in abundance and we recommend this release to you. Look out for Stiggy Small’s forthcoming Sasquatch Prophecies.

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