Stutter Jack - Jibber Jack LP [True Hold Records]

The talisman of disassociated mind-craft is back to unveil the grim depths with his personal warped lyrics of the darkest disclosure from his suppressed cerebral. This release is a mix of Boom Bap, electronic, featuring live instrumentation on tunes like UFO Contraception and Jibber Jabber.

Lively delivery and a verbal barrage of well constucted verses from Stutter Jack make for a thoughtful and mesmirising experience. The LP features production from Papillon (Skoop Records), Stereo Kriminal (More Free Vibe) label in Glasgow, Rik Mono and Monosapiens and Synct from Edinburgh. Some of the beats are thoroughly modern and glitchy, but can be a bit ploddy. Others such as Middle Cool Bullshit have the required level of funk and are better for it. Contrastingly Jibber Jack has a slightly aged electronic rock feel. Its all here including off-beat reggae vibes on Rasclart Circus!

The release also features one Midlands heavy weight artist Trademark Blud with UK’s finest Jabbathakut on the cuts. Its really nice peep it below.


All tracks produced by Papillon unless stated
UFO Contraceptive by Rik Mono, Jibber Jack Produced by Monosapiens
Cold Slow Produced by Stereo Kriminal
Colours Produced by Synct aka Mike Stuart
Lyrics written by Stutter Jack, Trademark Blud contributed on Darker Depths
Cuts by Jabbathakut
Album mixed and mastered by Synct
Art work illustration by Paul Wilkie
Album art work put together by Alex Holman
Released October 26th by Powercut Productions 2017 all rights reserved

Stutter Jack - Jibber Jack LP [True Hold Records]

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