Sudha - Anti-Freeze LP [Bish Bash]

Sudha is a ground breaking percussionist and pioneering personality of British-Asian music. She has also been the heartbeat of electronic band, Faithless for the last 11 years, enjoying huge global success.

Alongside her underground status, performing live at legendary clubs like Cream and The Hacienda, her success has seen her featured as percussionist on records and tours with huge mainstream artists including Dido and The Spice Girls. On 3rd March, Sudha prepared to step into the spotlight to showcase her skills as an accomplished writer and producer, with the release of ‘Anti-Freeze’ her first solo-artist album.

‘Anti Freeze’ demonstrates Sudha’s lesser known side; that of intelligent, talented and prolific songwriter / producer. Recorded in the cultural centres of London, Paris and Berlin with a host of collaborators, ‘Anti Freeze’ is an electronic concept album exploring the notion of ‘defrosting’, whether politically, emotionally or spiritually.

Those simply expecting a showcase of Sudha’s skills as a percussionist will be surprised to find a rich collection of songs, encompassing soaring vocals, meaningful lyrics and an overall warm vibe that envelops the listener. From the deep electronica of ‘Feeling Innovation’ to the laid back grooves of ‘Colours’, the experimental sounds of ‘Defrost’, through to the uplifting, atmospheric ‘Leche’ and the funked up anthem ‘Saiko’ this is an album that grows with each listen.

Sudha was a founder member of the ground breaking Asian music project Sister India. Her Asian roots are beautifully woven into the album with melodies and samples from the likes of Shilpa Shetty and Lata Mangeshkar. These influences somehow sit easily alongside her love for old skool electro (hence the 808 drums and vintage keyboards) and simple yet beautiful, hook-laden songs.

Of course, Sudha’s skills as a percussionist are not ignored and are evident throughout, yet she uses them in an understated fashion, further demonstrating her credentials as a skilled producer and world renowned musician.

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