Tactical Thinking - Too Broke To Go Solo LP [Tactical Thinking Ent.]

After their well received début singe Superstars b/w Dusk Till Dawn Hip Hop vagabonds Tactical Thinking strike back with their first full length LP Too Broke To Go Solo. The album offers a manic mix of ferocious battle raps, dirty electro dance floor killers, cock-sure hip hop and even a side step into doo wop (honest).

MCs Assa, Deadline, Derogatory, Jim Raygun, Kid Genius and Mr Dick run riot over resident tune tweakers Naïve and Mr Dicks (yes him again) beats with the same dont give a fuck attitude as N.W.A at a Klan rally. From the whiney girlfriends of Blah Blah Blah to Two Worlds Collide with its grim imagery of city and seaside towns to the drunken meanderings into mans last desperate attempt at getting lucky in 10 2 3 Chicks. Too Broke To Go Solo takes all the clichés of hip hop and reinvents them for a generation raised on a diet of cheap cider, dirty cigarettes and 80s kids cartoons.

That's Right Move features a clever electronically distorted bass line for TT to do the brag rap thing as each member of the crew takes turns to out do each other. As they say, to take them you need to bring the military and they even manage to get in the topical Patrick Swazy line. Do Wah opens with some tasty cuts and an anthemic stab. All the productions from these guys are complex and on a wall of sound tip, but retain a funky groove. The chorus is poor with its ‘Doo Wah Diddy’ phrase, but that shouldn’t detract from the rest of the track which is down to earth grimey. Best Believe is a heavy stormer of epic headnodding proportions. After this you’ll be left in no doubt that these boys mean business.

Too Broke To Go Solo is available on CD and Download from Boombox Distribution Network and Dented Records respectively from 19th October 2009 and is quite frankly, better than boobs.

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