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Its undeniable, The Elementz are making their own lane. Having introduced their sound to the UK in 2005 with the critically acclaimed Elementz Universe Vol1 EP featuring Skinnyman, the eagerly awaited, Elementz Universe Vol 2 is complete. Hailed widely as “super producers in the making” this is an exciting time for The Elementz, their sound now reaching for a much wider audience.

“We’re chameleons, the sound changes with each joint we do. If it feels good, we’ll write it. Its got to be exciting, if its not fun then its just work. There are no limits to this, so there’s always going to be good music available if you seek it…”

The Elementz - Elementz Universe Vol 2 LP [EU Entertainment]
1. Proceed – Featuring DJ Skully
2. Warriors – Featuring Shifty Spirit
3. Crazy – Featuring Rukus, Karizma & MB
4. Big Tune We Bus’ – Featuring Karizma
5. I.C.E – Featuring Mr 45
6. On My Case – Featuring Taskforce & Karizma
7. Come On – Featuring Blitz
8. Warriors Extended Instrumental
9. I.C.E Instrumental
The Elementz

As “Proceed” (the intro), featuring DJ Skully, proclaims “The Elementz are here, breathing our own atmosphere. This record exists to firmly embed The Elementz sound deep into our musical landscape, and they intend to do so without compromise.

Warriors” see’s The Elementz emerge from the classic MPC production style, this time experimenting with the live recording arena. Tense and gritty with a “hack and slash” movie theme, The Elementz use live drums, live analogue keys and a gripping arrangement, also featuring Notts hottest new MC- Shifty Spirit depicting the wilder side of UK clubbing – “Let It Hang Out!”

Crazy” displays something slick, but still rugged, this is The Elementz portayal of a slow jam. MB smoothes out the hooks while Karizma and Rukus talk to the ladies on the verses. Radio friendly, “Crazy” is set to light up the British Summertime. This is UK rap you never heard before.

Big Tune We Bus’” takes the EP directly to the clubs featuring Karizma once again on the raps. Already on heavy rotation on 1Xtra & Record Of The Week 3 times in a row on Itch FM’s Kung Fu Show, this joint is living up to its title. Edgy and danceable The Elementz keep the joint uncomplicated and concentrate on the energy. Listen out for the “belly slap percussion” throughout! 

Getting grittier, I.C.E (Invisible Crime Element) sees UK Rap legend Mr 45 testify on the system, its undercurrents, and how it impacts us all. The beat is sinister and uncompromising, showing how The Elementz productions react when the gloves come off.

Part of The Elementz philosophy is tailoring their production to fit the artist, so when the Taskforce connection came about, the “On My Case” beat caught the vibe like Columbo to a villain. This is trademark Farma G and Chester P style with The Elementz truly flipping the production. With funk, folk and sirens, a police caper ensues from Highbury to Notts – with Karizma featuring on the 3rd verse.

During his UK tour, Brooklyn MC Blitz came to hear an Elementz beat idea from his brother – then living in Notts. Blitz was so hyped by the joint he immediately jumped into the studio with it. What came next sparked a track that defies any party not to jump. “Come On” see’s The Elementz pay homage to their forefathers on this point blank B-Boy cut. This is Ultramagnetics flipped Elementz style for 2006.

Included is an extended remixed Instrumental cut of “Warriors”. Also, an instrumental version of I.C.E strictly for the rappers due to the impact it’s had on open mic nights across the country during The Elementz DJ Sets.

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