The IRS - The World Is Theirs CD [Merciless]

The IRS are definitely taxing heads with their heavy The World Is Theirs CD. Is is full of boombastic styles and is set to impress heavily as the six man deep crew step it up to the next level. The CD is 17 tracks in length and is undoubtedly fire. The crew hails from South East London and is comprised of Ed Strong, Random Deviation, King Kaiow, Superb and DJ Guide One.

I first came across King Kaiow when he teamed up with Manage back in the '90's and from then I knew he was going to be a heavyweight on the scene. It is now apparent that now he has around him some superb talents. The CD kicks of with the title track which has everything – sweet strings and deep lyrics about the need to get cash and how the government simply splurts our taxes off on killing children overseas.

Monkey See Monkey Do manages to capture a big band sound with the wall of sound and vocal chords, which is followed by Bitter which features a live bass and some different intonations from the MCs. Impressively addictive. There is jazzy vibes and some deep introspection on Windy Weatherman, or bouncy leight hearted vibes of Big Day In, in which we hear about how the days are passed when there is nothing to do but cotch.

The IRSThe song Addiction is still impressive in well played out area of subject matter as exch of the MCs takes turn to describe the drug that affects them. Music that follows sounds under-mixed and for that sounds a bit out of place in the play list, but everything returns to normal with Gorilla Shuffle for a humerous look at going out to a club.

The pen-ultimate track Pretty Polly describes the down fall of a girl from the manor, before the grand finale It's So Good. The MCs drop lyrics generally about their life and how they see things going down around them. They are not scared to drop on a few political subjects as well and overall this is an eminently listenable release.

The World Is Theirs features guest spots from Manage, Mic Assassin, Rigga Romez, CLG and 2Xplicit who show the depth of quality and skill that this crew are able to call upon to support their goals.

The CD is quality throughout, with the type of classic Hip Hop production that appeals to me. Most of the production is by Ed Strong, but he is ably backed up with offerings from Chemo, Complex and I.Am.Ill. The choices of the samples for the loops are tasty and obviously make it easy for the MCs to get live over. With the product being mixed by DJ Guide One this CD contains all the pre-requisite requirements to make people stand up and take notice.

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