The Killer Meters - Breakin' Out LP [Breakin Bread]

The Killer Meters finally release their long awaited debut studio album Breakin Out. Known for their 2005 covers album A Tribute To The Meters the band is steeped in musical history. Front woman Karime Kendra is the daughter of legendary Northern Soul vocalist Ty Karim and writer / producer Kent Harris while Virgil Howe is the son of Prog guitar hero Steve Howe of Yes.

This pedigree has lead to an album that isnt stifled or constrained to a particular genre; instead it embraces all thats good in soul, funk, rock and psyche.

Breakin Out features the singles Dance Move Shake! a funk rock hybrid and the fuzz guitar laden floor filler Freak. The b-sides show their soulful side with Stomp taking inspiration from 60s psychedelia and the soul / funk crooner Black Mountain taking it deeper. The funk grooves come to the fore on Consolidation Blues, Tropical and High Low. The covers, popular at their live shows are given a nod with a KM version of Robert Moore's Cramp Your Style. The high octane Desperate Times takes it up a gear and would work perfectly for a car chase score.

Karime KendraThroughout Karime Kendra's amazing vocals take Breakin Out into classic soul territory with a voice reminiscent of her mother. She can ride midtempo funk grooves as good as Marva Whitney, Vikki Andreson or Marlena Shaw and shows shes got music in her genes with a cover of her parents' Northern Soul classic I Ain't Lyin.

The rock influence is prevalent throughout with the guitar work of Nick Hirsch although he also knows how to make the funk flow. Virgils drums snap hard and the break fiends will be kept happy with a healthy dose cracking beats. The psychedelic feel of Yes also filters in and the album closes with Rainbow of Love, a track that can only be described as a psychedelic / disco / boogie monster!

Rarely can a soul band master a genre and expand into other territories while remaining true to their roots. The Killer Meters can and have. Breakin Out is what theyre doing and theyre doing it with their own inimitable style.

Released: 19th October 2009

Track List:

01. Consolidation Blues
02. Freak
03. Dance Move Shake!
04. Say Dirty
05. Tropical
06. Desperate Times
07. Come Back
08. High Low
09. Cramp Your Style
10. Change Your Mind
11. Black Mountain
12. I Aint Lyin
13. Stomp (Part 1)
14. Stomp (Part 2)
15. Rainbow Of Love

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